Best 6.5 Car Speaker 2019- You Deserve The Best!

Truth be told, factory speakers aren't really what we'd like to listen to for long which is why most people are faced with the need to step up their game at some point. If you're looking to upgrade your sound system with the best 6.5 car speaker , then you're definitely at the right place.

I know what you’re thinking, “everything about car audio system is confusing” right? Well, I do agree with this fact but even so, believe it or not, we're here to fix this.

In this article, we'll be taking a look at both the buyer's guide as well as a product listing of the top 10 6.5 car speakers each of which will definitely give you a kick for your buck. Our review focuses on getting everything for everyone- whether you are a newbie or an audiophile, we've got just the right car speaker for you.

How about we cut the dilly dally and get started right away?

Comparison Chart- Get the best of the best 6.5 Car Speakers

It may take some time before you are completely done with our review which is why we feel obliged to present to you 3 of the best among our recommended top 10 choices of 2019.

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Key Features


Infinity PR6500CS Primus 6 1/2" Component Speaker System

  • check
    Power Handling (Continuous/Peak): 70W/280W
  • check
    Recommended Amplifier Power Range: 5W – 200W
  • check
    Frequency Response: 53Hz – 21kHz

Pioneer TS-A1686R A-Series 6.5" 350-Watt 4-Way Speakers

  • check
    2 x Pioneer TS-1686R 4-Way 6.5 Inch Speakers
  • check
    RMS Power: 60 Watts Per Pair (30 Watts Per Speaker)
  • check
    Max Power: 350 Watts Per Pair (175 Watts Per Speaker)

New Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5" 180W 3 Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo

  • check
    Peak Power: 90w each
  • check
    RMS Power: 45w each
  • check
    CEA-2031 Compliant Speakers

Best 6.5 car speaker 2019- the #1 buying guide

In the first section of our article, we’ll be taking a look at the key things you ought to take into account from the overall speaker system to much more detailed info.

Which speaker system do you prefer?

When it comes down to this, you simply have got 2 choices- the component speakers vs the coaxial speakers. The truth is that depending on the one you’ll get your hands on and your music preference, either system may work just fine for you.

Coaxial speakers.

Personally, I’d like to refer to the coaxial speakers as a quick fix. If you’re looking for a quick upgrade, then you should probably go for this set of speakers reason being that there’s only a slight difference between these and your factory installed speakers.

Sound quality

Now, this is one thing that raises a lot of eyebrows. If it's an upgrade, then it definitely has to be worth the money. Besides this, it also does need to give a better sound as compared to the stock unit.

There’s quite a lot that determines the sound quality you’ll be getting ranging from the type of coil used to the type of surround and even the magnet on the speaker. For now, however, let’s look at the sound experience.

A basic coaxial speaker is normally two-way or simply put has got both the tweeter and the woofer handled by the same driver. Taking such a speaker, the high frequencies and the lows will be coming from one opening hence it will take some pretty much detailed construction to get these isolated.

The good news is that you can get a set of coaxial speakers that’ll deliver the sound just the way you like it. On the other hand, the good component speakers are just as many as the inferior ones and you should be keen not to fall for the latter.

Sound imaging and staging on full range speaker systems are good but not good enough to qualify as audiophile-grade speakers.

To make the sound experience better, some full range speakers will have a crossover on them. This simply separates the high frequencies from the lows hence giving you a much better soundstage than the average coaxial.

Where you install your set of coaxial speakers will also play a big role in determining the type of soundstage you get. Installing them at the rear may not be that thrilling. The dash, on the other hand, may be good but unfortunately not good enough. If, however, you install the speakers in all the car doors, you'll create an outstanding soundstage. With you in the middle and one speaker at the driver’s seat and the other at the passenger seat, you cannot have any other better way for an ideal sound visualization.


One of the best things about full range speaker systems is that it's not a hassle to have them in place. If you're lucky, the set of component speakers you get may have a perfect fit for the installation location of your stock speakers.

Still, at the installation, you should know that this is not necessarily a walk in the park. The best-case scenario is that all you'll have to do is detach the stock speakers from where they're installed, unplug the wiring and replace them with the coaxial speakers.

Installation may be quite easy after all, right? Well, as much as it may dampen your thrill to say this, today’s installations may require you to even remove the door panel, the window and probably do some drilling and filing.

Component speaker systems

Also referred to as separates due to the fact that the different drivers operate separately. Just as it is the case for the coaxial speakers, component speakers too, don't all emit the same sound quality even when they are made by the same brand.


Unlike full range speaker systems, there is no scenario whatsoever where it will be a walk in the parks and you sure as eggs will have to break a sweat to have these in place.

First off, different vehicles have got different designs. This eliminates the possibility of things being easy for you if that was the case in the past. The coaxial speaker systems only require you to install a pair of speakers at least but when it comes to the component speakers, you’ll have tweeters as well to worry about.

Since these speakers are always meant to outdo the stock installed speakers, they may have some tweaks done to them. This may make fitting them in the stock installation location difficult and here’s where the hard work really comes in.

Having the woofers in place is probably the hardest part. For the tweeters, you can have them anywhere in the vehicle. The most advisable location should be anywhere at ear level. This way, the low frequencies will not seem to come from a single direction. With the woofers at the doors and the tweeters at your desired location, you’ll definitely have the best travel companion.

For the crossover, you can pretty much have it installed anywhere. Most people would prefer to have it on the dash since this is the easiest possible location to have it and you won't need to do a lot of modifications. Other than the dash, you can also set this up in your doors which should be easy especially if you'd like to have the tweeters in the door as well.


For the best experience, you could get component speakers that have swiveling tweeters. The best thing about these is that you can them set up in any location and then turn them at any preferred angle so that the lows get to reach you perfectly. There are also the detachable tweeters which can easily come off just in case you’d like to use them in another vehicle

Sound quality

Now here’s the interesting part. Most people who go for the component speakers probably know how much bang they got.

If you want something that’s completely out of the ordinary, then you should get yourself a set of this. The different drivers are handled separately which means that there’s no way that the sound frequencies will overlap.

The woofers take care of the low to mid frequencies whereas the tweeters handle only the high frequencies. Installing either of these in the most suitable location should give you the best sound imaging and sound staging; doing otherwise, on the other hand, will leave you with second thoughts about getting them.

Despite the quality of the woofer and the tweeters, the crossover in the component speaker system has quite a huge role to play as far as sound quality is concerned. The crossover basically acts as a frequency police in the sense that it ensures the highs go to the tweeters and the lows to the woofer.

Features to consider when getting the best 6.5 car speaker

Now you do know the type of speaker system you’d like to have as an upgrade to your vehicle, it’s time to have a look at the major things you should consider before you put your cash on the line. Some of the things we took into account include:

  • The power handling
  • Frequency response
  • Impedance rating
  • Sensitivity.
  • Material design.

Let’s have a look at each, shall we?

Power ratings.

The power rating on a car speaker simply comes down to two things- the peak and the RMS. The latter is the continuous amount of power that the speaker observe without getting damaged. Th RMS is measured in watts and unless it is exceeded, your speakers will perform amazingly well. You should also know that even if the RMS on a speaker is indicated as a constant value, it does not run on this amount of power at all times. Think of the RMS as a range of power measurement.

Whereas the RMS is the continuous power threshold that the speaker observes, the peak, on the other hand, is above this. The rule of thumb is that the peak has to be double the RMS which is also the case with most car speakers. It, however, does not have to be this way, provided the speaker only achieves the peak for a few seconds and then falls back to the RMS, you're safe.

What happens if the power is way beyond the peak?

In such a case, you may probably have supplied too much power than is needed for your set of speakers. The worst-case scenario is that the speakers may get damaged completely.

If continuously run on an amount of power that is greater than the RMS, you are bound to experience sound distortions or lags. Repairing the speakers may be an option for the latter but the truth is that this is not a guarantee the speakers will be as good as they were hence you may need a replacement soon.

The frequency response.

The frequency response is basically the range of frequencies within which the speaker is capable of outputting the sound.

In most speakers, both component and coaxial speakers, this range has to be within normal range of human hearing i.e. between 20Hz and 20kHz. This, however, does not mean that all speakers have to observe this frequency range. Most coaxial speakers actually cannot play as low as 60Hz but on the upper end of the scale, most speakers will handle the high frequencies quite well.

When choosing the best 6.5 car speaker based on frequency, you should mainly observe the lower end of the scale for the best results. Unlike the higher frequencies, the lower frequencies are quite hard to achieve.

The impedance.

Impedance and a speaker’s power rating normally go hand in hand. The lower the impedance rating on a car speaker, the greater the amount of power it allows to go through.

The best car speakers will normally come with an impedance rating of 4 ohms which is considered as the line that sets apart the high-end car speakers from the low-end car speakers. If you get a car speaker with a 2-ohm impedance rating, then you should definitely check it out.


When connecting speakers to give you the lowest impedance rating, you should be keen when connecting them in parallel. When connected in parallel, the impedance rating of the combined speakers will normally be lower than that of the individual speakers.

If this goes lower than what your amplifier or head unit can actually handle, you may end up blowing your equipment.

The sensitivity rating.

In a leman's term, the sensitivity of a car speaker is what tells you how effective the speaker will be when converting power or rather watts to volume.

Sensitivity on a car speaker is normally measured in decibels (dB) and the higher the decibel rating on a car speaker the louder your speakers are going to get at a given amount of power from the amp.

Other than just dictating the type of speaker, car speaker sensitivity does affect the type of stereo or car amplifier you should get. It is because of this that you should, first of all, get your set of speakers before getting the amp or stereo especially if you are doing a full upgrade to your music system. The reason for this is so that you can be able to get your speakers to achieve their maximum potential by supplying them with just the amount of power that they need.

Sensitivity and power:

The higher the sensitivity rating on a car speaker the louder it will play at a certain amount of power wattage. Taking, for instance, a speaker with an impedance rating of 81 decibels, the amount of volume it produces will be moderate as compared to a speaker with a decibel rating of 84. At the same time, you'll need more power to get them playing at 84dB.

The material design:

Now here’s something that you should be keen on when selecting 6.5 car speakers. Even though you may be having the best power handling, sensitivity and impedance on your car speaker, having a poor material construction will underutilize all these outstanding features.

Let’s have a look at some of the things you should consider as far as construction is concerned.

The woofer cones

If you’ve ever wondered what gives your car speakers that punchy bass that you love so much, well, the magic all happens because of the cone.

So as to give out the best bass, it's important that the cone is made from both stiff and lightweight materials which in most cases is polypropylene. Polypropylene is normally used due it's outstanding capabilities of not only being stiff and lightweight but also due to the fact that it can stand up to extreme temperatures and moisture quite well if blended with other materials such as mica.

Alternatively, treated paper does provide an excellent sound as well and is just as durable

The surround

The surround is normally what is around the cone. Depending on the type of the surround you have, the bass quality will vary.

This is basically what connects the speaker to the basket and should be flexible enough to allow for free movement of the woofer and at the same time strong enough to direct and dominate the cone. This is basically what determines how far the cone moves.

Surrounds can be made of rubber, cloth or foam. Foam is quite flexible and produces quite a good sound quality for long since it retains its original form. On the other hand, as compared to rubber, the foam is not as durable when it comes to extreme temperatures and moisture.

The sound coils

The sound coil or rather the voice coil creates a magnetic field in conjunction with the amplified signal sent to the speaker. While working with the permanent magnet and other speaker parts, the coil converts electrical signals to mechanical energy which results to sound.

It is important that the coil has a large surface area for efficient heat dissipation. A voice coil that is heat resistant, on the other hand, will prolong the overall speaker life.

The tweeters

The tweeters are basically what takes care of the low frequencies. just like the woofer, it is important that the tweeter construction be outstanding as well.

For the cone, it is important that the tweeter is made from a soft material such as silk. The reason for this is that silk is able to produce the sound effect at high frequencies. Silk tweeters are designed for high power handling and to add extra stiffness, they can be blended with synthetic materials.

Whereas metals on tweeters are meant to produce a sharp sound, textiles, on the other hand, smoothen out things. In a nutshell, depending on the type of music you like, it's important to consider the type of material construction you'll need on your tweeter.

You also need to consider other features such as power handling and the type of magnet used in which case neodymium magnets are the best for the latter.

2019’s top 10 best 6.5 car speakers

Moving on to the second section of our article, how about we take a look at 10 of the best car speakers in 2019- definitely the best way to get your favorite set of speakers.

BOSS Audio CH6530 300 Watt (Per Pair), 6.5 Inch, Full Range, 3 Way Car Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers - 300 Watts of Power Per Pair and 150 Watts Each, 6.5 InchBOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers - 300 Watts of Power Per Pair and 150 Watts Each, 6.5 Inch

Starting off our top 10 list is something for anyone who’s looking to do their first upgrade. With the boss audio BOSS Audio CH6530, you’ll be enjoying much more than just easy installation and set up; let’s find out what it packs under the hood.

Power ratings: being one of the most important things that dictate how good your sound will be, the power rating on this speaker is an outstanding 150 watts of RMS per pair and double the amount for the peak. This should definitely be enough to give you a decent bass.

The tweeters.

Considering this is a 3-way coaxial speaker, you’ll be getting pretty more than just a woofer and a tweeter. On the BOSS Audio CH6530 is a 1-inch dome tweeter which is then backed up by a ½ inch piezo tweeter. With this combination, the speaker can focus quite well on isolating the sonic frequencies when it comes to producing the lows

Quality material construction:

Foam surround

Unlike in the past when foam wasn’t expected to last that long, it’s not the case in today’s speakers. With recent advancements in the foam surrounds, they are guaranteed to last for at least 8 years. The one you’ll find in this set of speakers allows for optimal speaker mobility and at the same time has the damping effect.

aluminum voice coil

if you're looking for something with a high-temperature threshold, then this is definitely it. This renders the speakers quite efficient even when supplied with a high amount of power.

Poly injected cone

On the BOSS Audio CH6530 is a polyurethane cone which is one of the most resilient and flexible at the same time. Whereas it can be used in a number of applications, it allows us, in our case to enjoy maximum flexibility for great sounding speakers

Image Dynamics IDQ65CS

Image Dynamics IDQ65CS 125W RMS 6.5 incImage Dynamics IDQ65CS 125W RMS 6.5 inc

We mainly focus on including on our list products that’ll meet everyone’s needs. If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra to get the best sound, then this set of speakers is definitely for you. Well, here’s what qualifies this as one of the best 6.5 car speakers.

For the best heat radiation, the speaker employs the new dynamic cooling technology. This prevents the speaker from overheating even when supplied with a huge amount of power.

New inline phasing technology: to get more than what an average component speaker will offer you the new inline phasing technology ensures that you get a wider signal imaging.

The woofer features:

The Image DynamicsIDQ65CS feature a fiber matrix paper cone whose rigidity and sensitivity ensures that you get the best bass. Around the cone is a parabolic rubber surround; this just so happens to be one of the most flexible and durable surround materials you could get on any speaker.

Tweeter features:

For the best production of the highs, this set of component speakers boasts a 28mm hand coated soft silk dome. The tweeter also comes with a removable faceplate with grille assembly and an aluminum voice coil for the best heat dissipation.

Despite the outstanding features of this speaker, it comes in a slim design than normal (thanks to the ultra-neodymium motor assembly) and yields more excursion than what you’re used to. definitely worth every dime.

4) New Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5" 180W 3 Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo

4 New Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5 inc4 New Rockford Fosgate R165X3 6.5 inc

Back to the coaxial speakers already. Coming next on our list is a coaxial speaker set that’ll definitely blow your mind starting with the design to the performance. Let’s have closer look at now, shall we?

Starting with the power handling. The R165X3 has got an RMS of 45 watts which is average as far as giving you decent highs and lows is concerned. For the peak, you’ll get double the RMS (90 watts). Provided you don’t run it exclusively on the RMS, you’ll get nothing but the best from this set of 4 coaxial speakers.

½” silk dome piezo tweeter- despite the fact that the construction process is breathtakingly difficult, piezo tweeters are renowned for producing outstanding highs without the use of a crossover to isolate the sonic frequencies.

Compliant to the CEA-2031- since this speaker is compliant with the CEA-2031, the power rating is verified as being legitimate for portable speakers inclusive of which is the Rockford Fosgate R165X3.

The speaker dimensions- if you’re looking to replace your current set up with this set of speakers, you should be keen on the dimensions especially if you want to use the same installation location. The speakers measure 16 x 8.6 x 8.5 inches which should be able to fit in most vehicles though you may have to do a few modifications on your own.

Infinity Primus 6 1/2" Component Speaker System

Now I’m sure as eggs that this component speaker will definitely get you interested. Don’t let the fact that this is one of the speakers with the smallest dimensions fool you, it packs quite a lot under the hood.

The sensitivity: being one of the things that determine how good a volume you get, the frequency response on the Infinity Primus is an outstanding 93dB. This should be enough to ensure the amount of power you get is optimally utilized to give you the best music experience which leads us to the next point- the power handling capabilities.

Power rating: regardless of which type of speaker you get, you shouldn’t be mean on this whatsoever unless you are on a budget. The RMS is 70 watts whereas the peak is 280 watts. Coupled up with the sensitivity, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself with this set of speakers.

Frequency response.

Considering this is a component speaker, you'll be enjoying the best sonic isolation since the highs and the lows are isolated to give you a better soundstage. The lowest frequency is at 53Hz and the highest is at 21kHz

4) New JBL GTO638 6.5" - 6.75" 360W 3 Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers Stereo

4 New JBL GTO638 6.5 inc4 New JBL GTO638 6.5 inc

If you're looking for something that won't be a hassle to have in place but at the same time give an outstanding sound, go ahead and get yourself a set of this coaxial speakers.

First off, you’ll be getting 4 speakers out of the box which if installed properly will give you quite a good soundstage.

The RMS rating on this pack of 4, 3-way car speakers is 60 watts and they all amount to a total of 120 watts. The peak, on the other hand, is 180 watts amounting to a total of 360 watts when you put all of them together.

The impedance rating. Working hand in hand with the RMS and the peak is a 2-ohm impedance. Provided you have an outstanding head unit, the JBL GTO638 will channel as much power as possible to ensure that you get the loudest and the best highs and lows.

The tweeters.

With the Mylar-titanium composite dome tweeters on each of the 4 speakers, the resonation of the dome is low as compared to when Mylar is used alone. This makes it possible for the production of high frequencies.

JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

Know to be one of the best brands in the market today, JBL has never disappointed us, I think we can both definitely agree on this. Even so, let’s take a quick peek at the JBL GTO638 and see if it really is worthy of the JBL brand, shall we?

Plus one cone: to deliver the best bass, the woofer has got the patent-pending plus one cone technology. With about 30% greater surface area than other competing models, the bass will definitely not disappoint you

True 4-ohm topology: the low impedance voice coil on this speaker extracts more power from your amp as compared to higher impedance coils. To ensure this speaker channels as much power as possible from your amp or head unit, it provides an optimum 2-ohm load.

Built-in crossover network: with the built-in crossover network with advanced high and low pass filters, the JBL GTO638 creates a smooth transition between the tweeter and woofer. The end result is that you’ll get impressive mid-range vocals.

The design

Out of the box, you'll be getting a three-way coaxial loudspeaker. This will prove to be a perfect fit if your installation location lies between 6 ½ and 6 ¾ inches which is why you should be sure of what your vehicle measures.

Most preferably, go ahead and pull out the speakers that are already installed then take their measurements before you place your order.

In total, this pair of 3-way coaxial speakers weighs 4.95 pounds and measures 10 x 9 x 8 inches. It will be a breeze to set up considering it has got the intermount III mounting system from JBL.

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5-Inch Full-Range 3-Way Coaxial Speaker

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5 incRockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime 6.5 inc

The next one on our list is the Rockford Fosgate R165X3. When it all comes down to searching for the perfect replacement for your factory installed speakers, this set of 2 might just do the trick.

Don’t let the fact that it only comes in a set of two dampen your expectations of what it’s capable of. Each of the speakers has got a nominal power rating of 45 watts and double the peak. This makes it quite convenient to work with since the bass will not be compromised.

Speaking of the bass, this speaker comes with a vacuum polypropylene cone. This is both stiff and lightweight for the best bass output.

An integrated high pass crossover: to take care of the high frequencies effectively, you’ll have an integrated high pass crossover on the R165X3. This ensures that the highs get to the tweeters quite conveniently.

A silk-dome pole mounted the piezo tweeter. Other than just delivering clear and soft highs due to the fact that it is made out of silk, these piezo tweeters are not only cheap to come up with but have minimum resonation as well.

As for the sensitivity, it’s got 91 dB of these which means that it will fully optimize the power to give you a louder than average volume.

Pioneer TS-A1686R A-Series 6.5" 350-Watt 4-Way Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1680F A Series 6.5 incPioneer TS-A1680F A Series 6.5 inc

I know…we’re not supposed to be blinded by just the brand name. Even so, pioneer has definitely earned the praise of being one of the best in the market as far as car audio systems are concerned. That being said, let’s see what qualifies this as the best 6.5 car speaker for you…

The RMS power rating is an outstanding 60 watts per pair and 30 watts per speaker. As for the peak, you’ll be getting 350 watts per pair and 175 watts per speaker. For both the high frequencies and the lows, this might just be the perfect pair for your vehicle.

A paper cone: though you may be skeptical about this, you’ll be surprised by the response time you get from the cone on this speaker. The sound is warm without any distortions and are definitely meant for anyone who’s looking for entry level speakers

A foam surround: around the cone is a foam surround which besides being flexible will retain its original form for quite a long time. working hand in hand with the cone, the foam surround does contribute a lot to the clarity and the bass

Tip: for the bass, you may consider getting a subwoofer since as much as the highs and mids are outstanding, the bass is sadly not for everyone

JBL GT7-6C 6.5" 2-Way GT7-Series Component Speaker System-Set of 2

JBL GT7-6C 6.5JBL GT7-6C 6.5

Component speakers are normally associated with an outstanding soundstage due to the frequency separation with the aid of the crossover, right? Well, does the JBL GT7-6C really have what it takes, let’s find out, shall we?

For the power handling, you’ll be getting 100 watts of RMS per pair and the peak, on the other hand, will be an outstanding 300 watts. Both of these should serve you quite well as far as the high and low frequencies are concerned.

Speaking of the frequency, the frequency response is between 50Hz and 20kHz. Considering this is a component speaker system, this range will suit you quite well as far as frequency isolation is concerned.

The cone is the polypropylene plus one cone which has got a larger than average surface area for the delivery of a better bass. Around the cone is a foam surround which is renowned for retaining its original design for quite some time but you need to be careful when it comes to moisture exposure nonetheless.

The tweeter.

For the tweeter, you'll be getting 1-3/16" PEI edge-driven dome tweeter. The utilization of this design enhances the sound dispersion for the delivery of natural-sounding highs.

Pioneer TS-A1676R 320W 6.5" 3-Way TSA Series Coaxial Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1670F A Series 6.5Pioneer TS-A1670F A Series 6.5

Well, so far so good, we’re on the last speaker on our list and truth be told, this has definitely been one outstanding review of the best 6.5 car speakers. To cut to the chase, let’s see what the Pioneer TS-A1676R does have for us, shall we?

Material construction

It’s not in vain that pioneer is known to be one of the best especially from the prowess employed in the design of their speakers.

The surround: For the Pioneer TS-A1676R, you’ll be getting a lightweight elastic polymer surround whose optimal flexibility ensures that you get the best bass.

Heat-resistant voice coil: to push the speaker to its limits, the voice coil is heat resistant to withstand high input power so as not to compromise the sound quality.

A multi-layer mica matrix cone: for this cone, the surface is meant to maintain the rigidity of the cone whereas the other layer beneath the mica utilizes light and water-resistant materials that are just as sensitive as it is durable.

Power handling:

The nominal power rating on this speaker is 50 watts whereas the RMS is 320 watts. If you’re looking for something that is guaranteed to give you a kick for your buck, this is definitely it.

The physical appearance:

This speaker comes with a set of 2 weighing only 5 pounds and measures 6.2 x 1.8 x 6.2 inches. The mounting depth is 1.75 inches. You should, therefore, pay attention to these before you decide to spend your money on this set of speakers.

Best 6.5 car speaker- final take

Now we pretty much have all that we need to get the best 6.5 car speaker, we can definitely agree to the fact that choosing a new speaker can be quite confusing.

If you’re doing it for the first time, things are even much more difficult and it is because of this that we’ve come up with the buying guide and product listing.

As a matter of fact, we strongly believe that with our product listing and the buying guide, you have all the tools you need to get your hands on exactly what you need. Even though you need to pay attention to every feature, you should pay extra attention to the power rating since doing otherwise can easily damage the speaker.

All in all, we hope that you enjoyed reading it just as much as we did enjoy reviewing the top 10 and we do wish you the best in getting exactly what you need.


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