Best 6X8 Speakers of 2019- The Top 10 Reviews & Definitive Guide

After listening to the sound on your stock installed speakers for a while or overhearing the quality sound emanating from another vehicle, chances are that you may desire to have an upgrade. With the may brands present in the market today, this may, unfortunately, be difficult which is where we come in.

We here at soundspeakerwiki.com aim at giving you the smoothest time possible when shopping for your car speakers. Whereas some brands focus on giving you budget-friendly speakers, others will give you only

the best speakers for bass.

So, here’s the thing…

It could be quite a hassle for you to do the searching all on your own which is why we’ll be taking a look at both quality and price in a short while. To add icing to the cake, there’s a detailed buying guide on how you could get the Best 6X8 Speakers . How about we get started right away?

Comparison chart


If it might be too much trouble for you to read all the way to the end, you could take a look at the comparison chart below- you have my word, it’s just as good as the detailed reviews that you’ll find right after it.

How We Put Together Our Top 10 List

Above all else, we’re all about transparency and letting you know how we really came up with our reviews. In the case of the top 10 6X8 Speaker reviews, we were obliged to first reach out to the top brands whose speakers we've reviewed at which point we got to know the strongholds and the setbacks of each speaker. Furthermore, we did communicate with critics as well as first-hand users of the individual speakers then finally put the speakers through various tests for the measure of quality sound at which point, we were satisfied they are eligible for use by you.

The Top 10 Picks- Only Choose From An Expert’s Recommended Choices

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here, it’s finally time for you to get that upgrade you've always dreamt of. From the budget-friendly car speakers to the high-end 6X8 Speakers, we'll be having a look at them all. Let’s start off by taking a look at the high-end car speakers, right?

High-end 6X8 Speakers

We’ve only got one speaker in this section and it is meant for you if you’re looking to invest in a car speaker that’s going to do your car some justice regardless of the price.

1. Infinity KAPPA 682.11cf

Editor's Rating

If you’re looking for a speaker upgrade that’s going to do your car some justice, then you’ll definitely enjoy every dime you spend on this pair. Here’s a closer look

100 watts RMS per speaker

Considering this is one of the most important aspects on a car speaker, the 100 watts of RMS power you’ll be getting from this pair should be enough to get the bass going loud and deep.

As for the peak, they come with an outstanding 300 watts which ensure you hit the extremities.

40- 25,000 Hz frequency response

For both the high and the low frequencies, this pair holds up perfectly well. 40Hz should be enough to give you a decent bass quality and as far as the highs are concerned, you’ll barely need to reach 25kHz to enjoy them. They’re definitely audiophile-grade speakers

Quality material construction

Being a 2-way coaxial speaker, both the woofer and the cone on this one have one of the best build qualities you could possibly get.

The cone has got a Plus One+ glass-fiber which has a greater surface area in addition to being lightweight and rigid. The tweeters, on the other hand, are the 1" edge-driven soft dome tweeters which will achieve the best lows.

What we liked about it
  • A high power handling
  • Durable material construction
  • They’ve got mounting brackets included.
What we didn’t like
  • You might need to complement these with a subwoofer for a tighter bass

Mid-range 6X8 Speakers

If you’re looking for something that’s going to give you a decent sound quality and at the same time a fair price, the following 7 6X8 speakers have it all. Do have a closer look

2. Kenwood 1 X 4 New Kenwood kfc-c6895ps

Editor's Rating

Starting us off on our mid-range speakers is the kfc-c6895ps that do come in two pairs and in addition to this, you’ll also be getting a 3-way configuration from all of them. But is there more to it to these speakers? Let’s find out, shall we?

170 watts RMS per 4-pack

With as much as 170 watts of RMS power from the four of these speakers, sound production (especially the lows) will be at its best.

In order to allow you to enjoy the higher bass notes in your music, they have got a peak power of 720 watts

Polypropylene cone and ceramic super tweeter

When it comes to the build quality, each of the speakers boasts a polypropylene cone which, due to it’s lightweight and rigid nature should get the bass going just the way you like it. In addition to this, the tweeters are ceramic which means soft and clear highs.

Also, being 3-way speakers, the mid frequencies will also not be left out which means better vocals

Feature a noise cancellation basket

There is also a steel black basket which works perfectly well as far as noise cancellation is concerned. This, at the end of the day, allows gives you a superior sound quality

What we liked about it
  • High power handling
  • 1-3/6” polypropylene cone and a ½” ceramic super tweeter
  • Includes a steel black basket to reduce noise cancellation
What we didn’t like
  • You might want to reinforce the glue on the cone if you want to push high power through it.


Editor's Rating

As far as brands are concerned, Cerwin-Vega is just one of the best in the car speaker market and in the case of the V468, you’ll be getting an amazing pair that has got more to it than just the aesthetics.

Curvilinear woofer cone design

One of the features that stands out most on these speakers is the curvilinear cone design which functions to give you both a superior mid-bass and off-axis performance which is unlike anything you'll get from most speakers in its class.

55Hz-20kHz frequency response

For the frequency response, the bass can go for as low as 55Hz whereas the highs can hit as high as 20,000Hz. Though the bass is not really the lowest you could get from a 6X8 Speakers, it’s still going to hit quite hard. Considering there’s an aluminum dome tweeter on this one, you’ll be getting one of the best highs on a 2-way speaker.

75 watts RMS power

The RMS rating is an outstanding 75 watts whereas the peak is 400 watts both of which ensure you get the best of the highs and the lows.

To complement this power rating, this pair has got a 94dB sensitivity which allows you to attain high volumes with minimal power consumption.

What we liked about it
  • The quality woofer and tweeter material construction
  • A high 94dB sensitivity for high volume sounds
  • Features a low resonant Deep drawn composite basket
What we didn’t like
  • You’ll need to be really keen on the sizing as you may need a spacer to fit them perfectly

4. JBL GX862 6" X 8" 2-Way GX Series Coaxial Car Loudspeakers

Editor's Rating

Like most coaxial speakers in the market, you’ll be getting these in a pair as well. Bearing one of the most reputed car speaker brands in the market, let’s find out what makes these speakers a worthy upgrade for your vehicle, right?

120W RMS & 360W peak power

Looking for the perfect replacement to your stock installed speakers that will step up the bass in your vehicle? Well, this pair has all it takes. With the continuous power handling at 120 watts and the peak at 360 watts, you’ll be getting a sound unlike any other.

A plus one polypropylene cone

For the cone, the plus One design has got a larger surface area than average hence it pushes more air for a better bass quality while at the same time saving on installation space.

2.3-ohm impedance

Looking for something that’s going to optimize power usage for the production of the best bass, the GX862 ought to do the trick. The 2.3-ohm impedance will utilize as much power as possible even from low-powered head units to get the sound going at its best.

What we liked about it
  • A plus one woofer cone design
  • A high 120-watt RMS power
  • 2.3-ohm rating ensures the power usage is optimal
What we didn’t like
  • They don’t have connection wires included in the package.

5. Kicker 40CS684 6X8 inch 2-Way Speakers

Editor's Rating

Yet another brand I'd recommend you settle with every day is kicker due to both their experience and innovation in the production of car audio components. let's find out what this mid-range has in store for us

75-watt RMS

With the power rating being one of the most important aspects of a car speaker, this pair has got an outstanding 75 watts for the RMS and 225 watts for the peak. Both of these coupled up with the 90dB sensitivity allow you to enjoy a quality sound even at high volumes.

4-ohm impedance

For these to channel a reasonable amount of power as possible especially for quality lows, the impedance is an outstanding 4 ohms which, even though not the lowest will not disappoint you.

Quality cone and tweeter design

You’ll be getting a polypropylene woofer cone around which is a polyester foam surround and in addition to this, it does come with a ½” PIE balanced dome tweeter all of which give the speaker utmost longevity.

There’s more…

The package you’ll be getting not only contains the speakers but there are also speaker wires among other installation gear.

What we liked about it
  • A high sensitivity rating for high volume sounds
  • The quality woofer and tweeter design for quality sound and longevity
  • Includes mounting hardware for an easy setup
What we didn’t like
  • Be watchful of how much power you supply to these as they might blow easily

6. JVC CS-V6837 6X8" 3-Way Coaxial 250 Watts Car Speaker

Editor's Rating

It's not every day that you come across a 6X8 coaxial speaker with a 3-way configuration, right? The JVC CS-V6837 are designed not only to appear good, but they do sound good as well. Here’s what you should expect from these.

Feature a hybrid cone and surround

Now here’s something you won’t come across easily. With the hybrid surround and cone construction, each of the speakers in this pair will output a better sound quality than most.

The cone is a carbon mica cone which, due to its lightweight and rigid nature will output the bass just right- definitely a worthy upgrade.

As for the tweeter and mid-range, these are both PIE which makes them suitable for quality highs and mids.

30 watts RMS & 250 watts for the peak

For the power handling, the RMS is 30 watts which are quite reliable for anyone who just wants a decent sound quality but not what I’d recommend for audiophile-grade sound.

High-efficiency design

The speaker is designed to operate at high levels of efficiency hence you won’t need a lot of power to achieve high volumes and clarity in your music.

What we liked about it
  • Hybrid cone and surround materials
  • 3-way configuration for clear vocals as well as quality lows and highs
  • High-efficiency design for minimal power consumption
What we didn’t like
  • You might need to compliment the bass with a subwoofer

7. Pioneer TS-A6886R 6" X 8" 4-Way Speaker

Editor's Rating

We’re already past halfway on our reviews and we’re doing great so far. So, is the pioneer TS-A6886R what’s been missing from your car's audio? Let's see what makes it a perfect match for your vehicle.

Boasts a multilayer mica matrix cone 

Of the many components, design with the utmost precision on this speaker is the cone whose surface contains mica. This properly ensures the cone maintains its rigidity and internal loss whereas the one beneath the upper mica layer is light and more so water-resistant for longevity.

60 watts RMS & 360 watts peak power

The continuous power handling is 60 watts and the maximum achievable power is 360 watts. Being a 4-way speaker, the sound quality will be quite outstanding since the highs, the lows and the mids will be at their best quality.

Features a cooling basket design

The speaker does have a cooling basket with an air vent as well to improve its power handling by increasing the cooling process. In addition to this, the voice coil is heat resistant for heat dissipation and durability.

What we liked about it
  • Multi-layer mica matrix cone for longevity and quality sound
  • High temp voice coil and cooling basket design for high-temperature handling
  • Features a spider design for a stiffer suspension
What we didn’t like
  • Though the highs and mids are outstanding, the bass is not that good

8. Kicker 41DSC684 6X8" 2-Way Speaker Pair

Editor's Rating

The last one on our mid-range section of the best 6X8 car speakers is yet another one from kicker. Well, don’t let its simple design blind you- this bad boy packs quite a lot of amazing features.

High 90dB sensitivity

For the speakers to be able to achieve high volumes without you having to worry about any sound distortions, they do have a 90dB sensitivity. This also does utilize the more power as compared to low-sensitivity speakers hence you can use it even with low-powered speakers

Features a wide frequency range

The frequency response on the 41DSC684 is 45Hz to 20,000KHz. This should be enough to output some good lows and highs and definitely a worthy upgrade from your stock-installed speakers.

Comes with mounting hardware included

As far as setting it up is concerned, you’ll be having most of the installation gear already included right out of the box which means the installation process will be a walk in the park. Get to enjoy the sound of this bad boy as fast as possible.

What we liked about it
  • High 90dB sensitivity for optimal power usage
  • Features a wide frequency response
  • Easy and straightforward installation process
What we didn’t like
  • They don’t handle the bass well enough and will work best with a sub

Budget 6X8 speakers

Finally, these two budget speakers wrap up our reviews. They’re quite affordable and have got an outstanding sound quality.

9. Kenwood KFC-C6895PS 6X8" Oval Custom Fit 3-Way Speaker

Editor's Rating

Coming up second last is a pair from Kenwood meant for anyone who’s on a tight budget. Their design is simple and they’re a pair suitable for DIY installation. But is there more to them? Let’s find out.

85 watts RMS power and 4-ohm impedance

Considering the power handling is one of the most important aspects of a car speaker. The 85 Watts of RMS coming with this pair and the 360-watt peak power will definitely be a step up. No better way to enjoy a high-quality bass.

The impedance on the C6895PS is 4-ohms hence you get quite a lot of power from your audio system for sound production.

Easy mounting design

Being coaxial speakers, they do come in an oval custom fit which is guaranteed to fit in the stock installation locations of most vehicles.

However, …

I’d recommend that you verify the sizing with the manufacturers before you go ahead and order these

3-way configuration

Well, these aren’t your basic 2-way coaxial speakers. They do come in a 3-way configuration which means you get to enjoy the vocals with utmost clarity as well as the high and low frequencies.

What we liked about it
  • Feature a custom-fit oval design
  • 4-ohm impedance for optimal power usage
  • Come with a high 85-watt RMS rating.
What we didn’t like
  • They’ll work best only with a low powered radio

10.Pioneer 250 Watts 6 X 8" TS-G6844R

Editor's Rating

If the Kenwood speakers above were still too expensive, you can have a look at this pair from pioneer which, though lenient on your wallet will still give you a better sound quality than what you will get from most factory installed speakers.

60 watts RMS per pair

With the RMS per pair as high as 40 watts and the peak 400 watts, the bass will be at its best. To complement the bass quality, there is also a Conex damper which delivers a high-power handling and a deeper bass

IMPP composite cone woofer and PIE tweeters

The cone on the TS-G6844R is a lightweight and strong IMPP composite woofer cone which improves the sensitivity on this pair and most importantly reduces any sound distortions even when supplied with high power head units.

As for the tweeters, these are 1-3/16 balanced dome tweeters with a ferrite magnet for a high performance on the highs

Feature a shallow mounting depth

As far as DIY installation is concerned, these are basically the best. They do have a shallow mounting depth and in addition to this, there are custom-fit baskets for Ford and Mazda vehicles.

What we liked about it
  • Ferrite magnet for the tweeters for outstanding reproduction of the highs
  • They have a shallow mounting depth for easy installation
  • Conex damper for a higher power handling and deep bass
What we didn’t like
  • Though they fit most vehicles, they don’t come with grills or spacers

The ultimate guide to 2018's best 6X8 speakers

The best 6x8 speakers reviewed above are one half of what you need to get the biggest bang for your buck which is why we deemed it necessary to give you a detailed buying guide. Find out below what really defines the best car 6x8 speaker and why you should really go for one.

Power handling

As much as every aspect is important on car speakers of all sizes, I’d say that the power rating is way too important for you to compromise.

This basically determines the sound quality you get from them especially the bass. There’re normally two measures for the power rating of a car speaker and these are the RMS and the peak.

The peak is the maximum amount of power that the speakers can achieve and the rule of thumb in most cases is that this is double the amount of RMS. The RMS is the continuous amount of power that the speakers can operate on optimally. Upon exceeding the RMS, you may end up with a distorted sound quality or even worse, blow up the speakers.

So, what kind of speaker should you go for?

The power rating of the best speaker you should go for is dependent on the amount of power on your car stereo. If you’ve got a high-powered stereo, then you could go for a high-powered speaker since doing otherwise would mean that the speaker is going to underperform which is the last thing you want.

On the other hand, going for a low powered speaker to work with your high-powered head unit might possibly blow up the speakers hence calling for yet another replacement which is also the last thing you’d want.

In a nutshell, you should not take chances with the power rating of your speakers whatsoever since this could give you either the worst or the best audio experience.

The frequency response

Ever wondered why some speakers tend to be so good on the bass whereas others are the complete opposite? Well, it’s all about the frequency response.

This is basically the sound frequency range that the speakers will operate at and in our case, speakers are normally designed with a frequency range that is within the range of human hearing. This means that all speakers should handle sound frequencies that are within 20Hz and 20kHz.

Form my personal experience with car speakers, I’d recommend that you pay attention to the lower range. Most coaxial speakers won’t have as low a frequency as 20Hz but I’d recommend that you choose one that’s got something close to this- 30Hz should work perfectly fine.

The reason for choosing one with the lowest frequency in the pool of speakers at your disposal is that you won't really need to incur the additional cost for a subwoofer in order to get a quality bass which is quite the opposite with choosing one with a high-frequency range.

That’s not all…

Depending on the speaker’s configuration, the sound quality may vary since some speakers come with a super tweeter and the mid-range driver to make the vocals sound much better. These, however, cost much more than the basic 2-way 6x8 speakers so you'll want to weigh your options between sound quality and cost. It's all about getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Sensitivity rating

Sensitivity and power efficiency go hand in hand. This is normally measured in decibels. For sensitivity, you’ll want to go for a 6X8 speaker with a higher rating. The reason for this is that you’ll be able to enjoy high volume music while at the same time consuming less power from the head unit.

Similar to power rating, the sensitivity levels should be checked with regard to the power rating of your stereo. If the stereo has got a high power rating, then you should go for a speaker with a lower sensitivity rating. On the other hand, if the head unit is low-powered, you’ll have to spend a little bit more on a 6X8 speaker with a high sensitivity rating.

The lowest sensitivity rating I’d recommend you go for is 83dB and if you’re looking for a speaker with a high decibel rating, you shouldn’t choose anything that is lower than 88dB.


Apart from the sensitivity, a speaker’s impedance is yet another aspect you should pay close attention to. This is normally indicated in ohms and it’s normally used to determine the amount of power the speaker should be able to channel from the head unit.

So, the lower the impedance is, the more power will be channeled from your stereo. If therefore, you have a low powered head unit, you should go ahead and look for the lowest ohm rating and vice versa. 

All in all, I’d recommend that you go for a 6X8 speaker with at most 3 ohms unless you’re on a really tight budget since this way, you can use the speaker with different stereos. Depending on the type of voice coil you have, the speakers could be wired up differently to your amplifier or head unit for a much lower sensitivity. A 4-ohm dual voice coil, for instance, could be wired up for 2 ohms which means more power is channeled for the production of a better bass.

Build quality and design

We’re all looking for something that will last for the longest time possible, right? Well, the trick to this is basically looking into the build quality and design closely.

On a basic 2-way 6X8 speaker, you’ll have the woofer and the tweeter and here’s what you should look into as far as the material construction is concerned.

A flexible woofer surround

The woofer surround is the part of your speaker that allows the movement of the cone for the production of the low frequencies. Even though you'll get a foam surround on most speakers, the best of these are made from rubber since, in addition to being flexible, rubber just so happens to hold up quite well when exposed to weather extremities.

A lightweight and rigid woofer cone

The cone, normally at the center of the speaker is responsible for the bass production. The best of these are normally made out of a polymer such as polypropylene or a metal-polymer blend such as a mica-polypropylene blend.

The trick here is lightweight and rigidity for the speakers to move with utmost ease which, at the end of the day ensures that you get to have a deep and high-quality bass.

Soft dome tweeters

For the tweeters, the best 6X8 speakers will normally have one that's made of a soft material such as silk. This ensures the high frequencies produced are mellow and neither too drowned nor shrill.

However, depending on your audio preference, you could go for tweeters that are blended with metal for sharper low-frequency sounds.

There’s more…

Still, on the tweeters, some 6X8 speakers might have the swivel tweeter design. With these, you can alter the angle of the tweeters such that they'll point in a particular direction to give you a better soundstage.

A high-temp voice coil

As far as speaker longevity is concerned, the voice coil plays quite a huge role. Considering the woofer does consume a lot of power, chances are that it may blow while trying to achieve a deeper bass. Getting a speaker with a high temp voice coil such as copper should easily take care of this. To complement the voice coil, a vented speaker design should also help since this will allow for free air movement to improve the speaker’s longevity.

Conclusion- here’s how we wrap it all up

Well, you have it all now, we’ve bridged the gap between you and the best 6X8 speaker and all that’s left to do is simply click on what you like and you’re good to go.

It’s quite hard to pick out one since there are a lot of outstanding options to choose from here.So, I’d recommend that you take your time to know what will work best with your vehicle’s system. Most importantly, just like other audio components in your vehicle, I highly recommend that you exercise utmost care and maintenance for the speakers you get.


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