Car Amplifier Ultimate Buyer’s Guide!

How far would you be willing to go so as to get your car at it’s best? well, when it comes to getting your audio system pumped up, one of the most important components may be an amplifier. Though it may be preinstalled in your vehicle already, the stock units are not necessarily what you should choose to be working with daily which is where we come in.

Today, we’ll be looking at what you should look into if you want to end up with an audiophile-grade car amplifier. Here’s a buying guide that will lead you on how to go about when shopping for the best car amplifier. Let’s get started right away, shall we?

You may be hesitant to go for an amplifier upgrade but before you change your mind in doing so, here are 3 major reasons to get an upgrade.

Boosts the performance of your upgraded Speakers

car speaker

The first upgrade most people will go for first in their audio system is basically the speakers; after all, if you really do want a good sound, you should go ahead and get more powerful speakers, right? The factory installed amp may not be enough to power up your new speaker which only leaves you with one option- going for an aftermarket unit.

The rule of thumb here is that the more powerful your speakers are, the better an amp you’ll be needing.

            Improve the overall Sound Quality

sound quality

You may not necessarily need new speakers to have an outstanding music experience in your vehicle and the trick may just be getting a good amplifier. The trick behind getting a good amp is that you will give your speakers a clean power source which will highly contribute to the way the sound will be delivered.

Gets the subwoofers working better

A speaker is not normally enough for a good bass in most cases, right? Well, to get the best out of your subwoofer, you’ll need a reasonably high amount of power and amplifiers just so happen to give an optimal amount of power to your subwoofers.

Getting the Best Car Amplifier

Considering there are quite a lot of options to choose from in the market and it may be difficult to get exactly the amp that you need, here’s what you should pay attention to.

The Number of Channels.

It is important to know which configuration you’ll be needing. The number of channels basically indicates the number of speakers the amp can power simultaneously.

One speaker per channel should be enough but if you would like to install a subwoofer in a system that already exists then you should go for one with a one channel amplifier. On the contrary, if you’ve got more speakers, you can choose an amp with a higher number of channels.

The Power Rating.

Yet another thing to take into account is the power handling capability. Don’t be mean on the power if you want a good audio quality. The best thing to do would be choosing the speakers you need first then go ahead and select an amp which will supply enough power to the speakers as needed. It will be easier for you to decide the minimum power you’ll need for your speakers.

The power is normally expressed in watts per channel. If the power is lower than what your speakers require, you’ll probably end up with a distorted sound

Will it be Able to offer a Good Enough Sound Quality?

Yet another thing to take into consideration is the sound quality besides just the power rating, a lot more other things will determine how good the sound is.

An amp that will significantly improve the quality of sound will have, for instance an outstanding input sensitivity, filters for the high and low frequencies, a low impedance rating and a good frequency response among other things.

In order to get the best of all these, you should probably take a look at how the speaker is reviewed by other uses or even better ask for recommendations from an expert.


Car Audio Amplifier Instalation

DIY installation may be a little bit difficult since there’s a lot to be done starting with the installation location, getting the required wiring kits. If you’re lucky, you may have the installation kit provided for you. You could also refer to online videos that will conveniently guide you on how to get things done fast.

If you’ve done it before, you could go ahead and set it up yourself but if otherwise, it’s best that you seek the assistance of someone who’s done it or the aid of a mechanic.


Coming to the end of our review, getting an amplifier is definitely something you should consider as far as upgrading your car’s audio system is concerned.

Regarding on the configuration you want, you should go ahead and select an amp that will give you exactly the quality of sound you need. As for the installation, I’ve got to say that this is no easy task since if you go wrong on this, you may end up blowing up some of your audio components.

All in all, don’t sacrifice quality for price; if you want the best, you should be ready to spend a reasonable amount of cash on them.


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