Best Car Speakers For Bass 2019 – Top Models Reviewed!

All things considered, the plain truth is that choosing the best car speakers for bass is definitely no easy task.Starting with the fact that a number of speakers alone in the market leave us spoilt of choice while shopping for the best, there is a lot more to consider starting with the most basic- the size- to the tiniest detail.

What if I told you that in a short while, you’ll be having utmost knowledge of what to look into if you want to get the best? As a matter of fact, you’ll actually be surprised at how much you’ve been overlooking or assuming.

Other than just looking at the major things you should consider before making your purchase, we’ll also be looking at 10 of the best speakers you could get if you want to have the best bass.

Let’s get started with the buying guide, shall we?

Rather than reading all through, why not have a quick look at 3 of our best picks in 2019?

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Key Features

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    1.5" voice coil
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    Mounting depth 5"Grade
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    Y30 magnet
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    2" Dual voice coil
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    Mounting depth 5"
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    Grade Y30 magnet
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    Home theater quality
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    up to 25 percent more active cone-area than the competition.
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    High output 2 ohm design with low impedance voice coils extracts

10 Best Car Speakers For Bass

Now that we know exactly what we should look into when shopping for the best, it’s time to look at 10 of the best picks you could get for your money.

1. BOSS Audio CH6530 300 Watt (Per Pair), 6.5 Inch, Full Range

BOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers - 300 Watts of Power Per Pair and 150 Watts EachBOSS Audio Systems CH6530 Car Speakers - 300 Watts of Power Per Pair and 150 Watts Each

Starting us off is the BOSS Audio CH6530. If you are looking for a perfect replacement or the factory installed speakers, then you should definitely have a look at this one. For starters, they are the full-range type which makes them the easiest to install in place of your factory installed speakers.

Moving on to the details, this pair of component speakers comes with a poly-injected woofer cone which means that it will not be short-changed when it comes to the bass whatsoever.

Speaking of the bass, something else that’s worth pointing out is that the rubber surround allows for utmost flexibility hence the sound will be just right and in addition to this, it will stand up quite well when exposed to extreme temperatures as well as moisture.

Coming along with the speaker are the speaker grills. These simply make installation much easier and save you the hassle of having to look for other compatible fits in the market.

When it comes to the performance, the speakers pack a 4-ohm impedance; the frequency is 100 Hz to 18 KHz hence. As for the sensitivity, it comes with an outstanding 90 dB meaning that you won’t be needing a lot of power to get that punchy bass you desire.

2. JBL GTO638 6.5-Inch 3-Way Speakers (Pair)

When it comes to taking your sound system to a whole new level, then the 3-way speakers might just be what you need. With the JBL GTO638, you get the tweeters, the mid-range, and the woofer drivers all in one.

As for the power handling, it boasts an outstanding 180 watts for the peak power and 60 watts for the RMS. The 2-ohm impedance keeps the sound at its best and at the same time making use of optimal power. On the three-way speaker are a Mylar-titanium tweeter and an adjustable super tweeter with level control.

The rubber surround on the woofer gives the three-way speaker optimal vibration keeping the sound quality at its best. At the same time, rubber just so happens to be the best material as far as durability is concerned- able to withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to moisture without giving in to damage.

The plus one woofer cone is lightweight and stiff at the same time hence as far as getting an outstanding bass is concerned, this just so happens to be the best. Other than just being stiff and lightweight, it’s got up to 25% more active surface area as compared to other speaker cones which add on to the audibility in bass output and efficiency.

Other than just the speakers, you get the mounting brackets, the grilles, speaker wires, screws and manuals that’ll come in handy especially if you’re doing the installation for the first time.

2-Way Custom Component Speaker System - 6.52-Way Custom Component Speaker System - 6.5

As compared to the full range speaker systems, the coaxial speakers are far much better and if you are looking for that bass quality that stands out, you should definitely consider checking out the Pyle PLG6C. well, let’s have a look at what it packs under the hood, shall we?

Other than the tweeters and the woofer, something else that’s included for you out of the box is the crossover network. This simply ensures that the highs go to the tweeters and the low frequencies that deliver an outstanding bass go to the woofers.

These speakers pack as much as 400-watts of power and the best part about them is that despite having this much, they are able to fit in most OEM locations as they have got the 6.5-inch sizing. As for the cone, it comes with a brilliant yellow poly-injection cone that gives you utmost rigidity and in addition to this, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

The surround type is the butyl-rubber surround. As far as a perfect balance between sound quality and durability is concerned, this one just so happens to give the best. Regardless of how strong the bass is, the rubber surround will hold up quite well and no matter how harsh the weather conditions are, you can always rely on this speaker to remain operational.

For the sake of installation, there is a full wiring kit and all the installation hardware you’ll be needing to do the installation. Other than this, there is a wiring diagram as well- definitely the perfect guide.

Renegade RX6.2C 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component SystemRenegade RX6.2C 6.5-Inch 2-Way Component System

If you’re all about the details, then this set of component speakers might just be what you are after. Starting with the power handling, it boasts an outstanding 100 watts on the RMS and in addition to this, you’ll get to enjoy as much as 200 watts on the peak.

For both durability and an outstanding sound, the speakers have got a rubber surround. Other than being able to stand up to harsh weather conditions quite well, the rubber is ideally flexible hence ensuring there is no distortion of the sound whatsoever.

The woofer cones are made out of polypropylene which is both lightweight and rigid giving you the guarantee of a flawless sound quality for as long as you like.

If you love to install your speakers with the speaker grilles, this is just the speaker for you since it comes with them out of the box. Besides saving you the hassle of going to shop for them, you get to prevent any damage to your speakers from the moment you have them installed in your car.

There is also the 6dB inline crossover included. This ensures that there is no overlap between the highs and the lows which ensures that the bass is just right. Something else that’s worth mentioning is the frequency response which is between 60 and 20,000 Hz to give you the best listening experience.

5. BOSS Audio R94 500 Watt (Per Pair), 6 x 9 Inch, Full Range

BOSS Audio Systems R94 500 Watt Per Pair, 6 x 9 InchBOSS Audio Systems R94 500 Watt Per Pair, 6 x 9 Inch

Looking for an even better experience than what you’ll get form a 3-way car speaker? Well, try giving the BOSS Audio R94 a shot. Here’s what you’ll be getting from it.

Starting with the design, the speaker comes with a poly injected cone. This is both rigid and lightweight which ensures that the bass is clear and deep enough for your ears. In addition to the cone construction, there is also a rubber surround which besides allowing room for enough flexibility is also able to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Included out of the box are speaker grilles which make it easy to mount it and also offer utmost protection from any exterior potential damages. Here are also the mounting screws included for ease of installation

Owing to the fact that it is a four-way car speaker, there are the super tweeters included ensuring the lower frequencies are taken care of. Speaking of frequency, the frequency response you get is between 50 and 20,000 hertz for the best listening experience. As for the sensitivity and impedance, you get 92dB and 4 ohms respectively hence you get an outstanding sound quality without having to use too much power.

Finally, when it comes to the peak power handling, you get as much as 250 watts on the RMS and 500 watts on the peak power. Provided you observe the RMS; you’ll enjoy these speakers for quite some time.

6. Db Bass Inferno Bi40 4-Inch 4-Way Speakers

Another one of the best four-way car speakers is the Db Bass Inferno Bi40. Let’s see why this is a good option for an outstanding bass quality, shall we?

First off, starting with the physical design, it comes with a poly-injected cone. This is one of the best as far as getting an outstanding bass is concerned since besides being lightweight, it is rigid at the same time which gives it a rich bass response.

Other than the cone, there is also a butyl rubber surround. This allows for optimal expansion for the production of a perfect bass quality and in addition to this, rubber just so happens to be one of the best when it comes to withstanding extreme temperatures as well as moisture.

Being a 4-way car speaker, you get the super tweeters as well in addition to the bass being produced by the woofer itself. Speaking of the tweeters, there are also the Dual 0.5-inch Piezo Dome tweeters. The Mid-range, on the other hand, is the 1.25 Mylar mid-range for an even better bass response.

As for the impedance, you get an outstanding 4 Ohms meaning you won’t be needing too much power to get the sound just right.

7. CT Sounds Bio 1.0 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 4 Ohm

CT Sounds Bio 1.0 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 4 OhmCT Sounds Bio 1.0 10 Inch Car Subwoofer 4 Ohm

If you’re on a budget but at the same time want to enjoy that deep low-frequency bass quality, then you should definitely consider having a look at this subwoofer. Starting with the cone material construction, it comes with a paper cone which even though is not the best, it’s enough to give you an outstanding sound quality.

On the sub is a Y30 graded ferrite magnet which just so happens to be one of the best you could get on a car speaker. When it comes to the power handling, the CT Sounds Bio 1.0 boasts an outstanding RMS od 150W and a peak power that doubles this- just enough to enjoy a deep bass quality.

The speaker comes with both a strong and sturdy basket frame capable of handling high powered audio frequencies hence ensuring that you get both a strong and stable output.

On the speaker is a single connectivity terminal that includes 2 wires with a 1.5” diameter voice coil which makes the subwoofer versatile despite the size and dimension it comes in as well as its power handling.

Whether you need to fit it in the sealed or vented enclosure, you’ll be getting an outstanding sound quality all the same. Something else that’s worth pointing out is that it comes with a high-quality copper wire wounded voice coil. This makes the diaphragm move in accordance with the electromagnetic waves.

8. Pioneer TSW311D4 12- Inch. 1400 Watt Dual Voice Coil DVC Subwoofer

Alphasonik AS12DF 12 inc 1500 Watts 4-OhmAlphasonik AS12DF 12 inc 1500 Watts 4-Ohm

Even though it’s not always about the brand, Pioneer will hardly disappoint you when it comes to giving an outstanding sound quality. That being said, let’s have a look at what the Pioneer TSW311D4 has got in store for us, shall we?

First off, considering that it comes with a dual voice coil. As compared to the single voice coil speakers, the dual voice coil on this speaker is that you get to have more control of the impedance depending on how you wire it

Starting with the power handling, you’ll be getting 400 watts on the RMS i.e. 200 watts of RMS power on each of the individual voice coils. The peak power handling, on the other hand, is an impressive 1400 watts.

The cone design is the pioneer’s imp composite cone which is one of the best from pioneer and re-designed to give you a durable cone structure for an accurate and powerful bass.

Something else that makes the bass outstanding and far much better than you’ll get from other speakers is that it comes in a fully enclosed single-piece basket. This helps minimize vibrations which increase the driving force to the cone hence giving you a loud and rhythmical bass.

9. Planet Audio AC12D 1800 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Car Subwoofer

Planet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer - 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 InchPlanet Audio AC12D Car Subwoofer - 1800 Watts Maximum Power, 12 Inch

If you’re on a budget but want to get the best sound at the same time, then the Planet Audio AC12D is something that you should definitely try out. Here’s what it has to offer you.

Starting with the cone design, it comes with the polypropylene cone which is one of the best due to its light weight and rigid design that’s guaranteed to give you a clear and detailed bass. The sensitivity on the sub is 88dB meaning that you’ll be using less power and at the same time get an outstanding sound quality.

The surround is another impressive feature of this subwoofer. Considering that it’s made of foam surround, you can always depend on it to deliver an outstanding bass and not sacrifice quality at the same time. When it comes to the fit, this can just be the perfect replacement for your factory installed speakers – it measures 13” x 13” x 6”.

As for the power handling, you get an outstanding 900watts on the RMS in addition to this, the Peak power handling is an impressive 1800 watts. Besides the power rating, the impedance is an impressive 4 ohms hence you get to use less power and get an impressive sound at the same time.

10. CT Sounds Bio 2.0 10 Inch Car Subwoofer Dual 4 Ohm

CT Sounds Bio 2.0 10 Inch Car Subwoofer Dual 4 OhmCT Sounds Bio 2.0 10 Inch Car Subwoofer Dual 4 Ohm

Wrapping things up we’ve got the CT Sounds Bio 2.0. here’s what you should expect to get from it…

First off, it comes with the Y30 graded ferrite magnet which is one of the best you could possibly get on a subwoofer is bound to give you. Other than this, the power handling is quite reputable. Having as much as 250 watts for the RMS and an outstanding 500 watts for the Peak power.

With the subwoofer, you’ll get a basket frame that is both strong and sturdy hence capable of handling high powered audio frequencies and at the same time does not subject the subwoofer to any harm.

The CT Sounds Bio 2.0 comes with dual connectivity terminals that have got a 2”-diameter voice coil which makes it versatile irrespective of its size, dimensions, and power consumption.

Despite the fact that it comes with a paper cone, it is not handicapped when it comes to the bass quality and durability. Around the speaker is also a composite foam for a booming bass and an outstanding sound quality in general.

Best Car Speakers for Bass Buying Guide

We’ve already established the fact that selecting the best speakers for bass is no easy task. let’s now cut to the case and look into some of the things you should consider while shopping for one.

The bass

Whereas some may think that bass is just bass, there are quite a number of genres. I know what you’re thinking- we’ve already talked about the music genres. When it comes to the different bass categories, the nature of the membrane determines this.

Getting a big amount of thump does not necessarily measure the bass quality you’ll be getting. Other than some genres of music, the bass is normally measured by both the purity of tone as well as the richness of bass delivered from the speakers.

Taking this into consideration, woofers can be capable of handling the job quite well. In some instances, you may need an amplifier to boost your bass quality.

If you’re lucky, your factory preamp may be enough to give your speakers the best bass. This, however, does not mean that you need an amplifier to get an outstanding sound or even a good bass.

On the other hand, it is not always the case that the pre-installed amplifier will deliver a good enough bass regarding your preference especially if you are a bass head.

The speaker size.

This is probably the simplest way to know how much bass your speaker system is going to offer. There are a lot of speaker sizes from which you can choose one for your car but so far, the 6×9 speakers are considered the best.

With the 6×9 speakers, you can conveniently have both the front and rear speakers installed; besides the 6×9, you can have the ones that measure 6.5×9 inches that are equally or just a little bit better in the performance. With either measurement, you’ll be getting an outstanding performance when it comes to both the loudness and the frequencies.

As much as you may be tempted to get the biggest speaker for that booming bass, it is important that you consider the interior of your vehicle. This makes buying the biggest speaker not always the best option since the sound quality may, as a matter of fact, be deteriorated as compared to getting speakers of a smaller size.

It’s only in a few instances that we are actually satisfied with the factory installed speakers, right? When it comes to installing new speaker systems, you’ll be needed to make a lot of adjustments especially if it’s your first time and if you want to have the component speakers installed.

Either way, regardless of whether you’re going for the full range upgrade or the component speaker upgrade, it is important that you consider having the installation being done by an expert.

Which type of car speaker system is better.

When it comes down to choosing the best speaker system, you’ll have to make the choice between a component speaker and a coaxial speaker system.

Either choice has its advantages and disadvantages. Starting with the coaxial speaker system, it is what you should definitely go for if you want to spend less and have an easier time doing the installation. These come designed to fit in place of the factory installed speakers.

The biggest advantage you get from these is that they can fit in most vehicles. For the full-range speakers, you can choose between either the two-way, three-way or the four-way car speakers. As expected, the four-way car speakers are the best to have installed in your vehicle as compared to the others.

On the downside, however, the sound quality is unfortunately not that good which brings us to their better alternatives- the component speaker systems. For the component speakers, you get more than just the woofers and the tweeters.

Component speaker systems are far much better than the coaxial speakers. Considering they consist of independent drivers, the sound quality is far much better. You can also have the different drivers situated in different positions for an even better soundstage.

Besides having the tweeters and the woofer in different positions, the component speaker system also does come with the crossover. Think of the crossover as what sets apart the high frequencies from the low frequencies.

Even though they have the advantage of a better sound quality, component speakers are quite hard to install and they may not fit in your car. Other than this, they are more expensive as compared to the coaxial speaker systems.

“getting new speakers can take the musical experience in your car to a whole new level. As a matter of fact, you may just realize what you’ve been missing out on. There are a lot of choices out there but taking into account only a number of things, you’ll be good to go. Start with the simple things such as the sensitivity, power handling, and material construction then move on to selecting which speaker system suits you best.”

-Ken Nail, author for car audio for over 10 years and an avid music listener.

Consider the taste of music you are into

Crazy as it may sound, even the best-rated speaker may not go well with all music genres. For instance, there is no reason for you to choose a speaker that doesn’t deliver a strong bass response if you want to listen to metal or hard rock.

On the other hand, if you have no specifics when it comes to the music genres, going for a speaker that evolves is ideal. This way, you’ll be getting the best sound for whichever music genre you listen to.

You should also come to terms with the fact that not all speakers can do both i.e. providing both a soft as well as intense bass level. Getting the perfect model that delivers what you exactly need is no easy task and it is best that you try out different models altogether.

Sensitivity levels for the best bass speaker.

The sensitivity rating is another important feature when it comes to delivering an outstanding bass. The sensitivity rating is what tells you the way power is converted to performance.

It is normally measured in decibels and is what determines how loud your speakers are going to be. Most manufacturers give the specifications on sensitivity while taking into account a non-echoing environment.

Normally, the higher the sensitivity levels, the lower the power needed to run the speakers and obviously the louder the speaker is going to be. For the best car speakers for bass, you consider a high sensitivity level for a better performance hence a higher volume. Upon settling for such a speaker, you’ll be getting an outstanding performance without any sound distortions.

The sensitivity rating on the speaker can be known by determining the amount of power you’ll be needing to produce a certain level of volume. This can greatly come in handy when it comes to comparing ho loud and effective a car speaker is.

The average sensitivity level of a speaker is 87 decibels to 88 decibels and if you’re lucky enough, you may get one with as much as 90 decibels.

The power rating of the speakers.

Something else that should be paid attention to when purchasing a speaker for bass is the power rating which also applies to all audio equipment.

When it comes to the raw wattage power consumption, the comparison between the speakers for bass is not that straight-forward. You need to pay attention to both the peak power as well as the RMS rating. The difference between the two is quite important and you should always observe it at all times.

Starting with the peak power rating, this is simply the maximum number of watts that the speaker can use at any given point. Speakers are, however, not designed to run at a high peak power for more than a few seconds.

If your speaker happens to run on peak power for longer than this, what happens is that it may end up blowing up or if you’re lucky, there may be a slight lag or a distorted sound.

A more accurate assessment of the speaker power is the RMS rating. The RMS is the average wattage that the speaker can be able to take. When it comes to the relation between the two, a speaker with a higher peak power rating than the RMS rating will, as a matter of fact, play smoother than if this were in reverse.

The impedance.

Something else that dictates how good a bass you’ll be getting is the impedance. So as to determine how well your speakers are going to make use of all the energy they receive, the impedance works hand in hand with sensitivity.

As compared to sensitivity, however, the impedance does not work in the sense that the higher it is the better off your speaker system is.

As a matter of fact, a speaker that has got a higher impedance rating will need more energy so as to produce the same level of volume as compared to a speaker that has a lower impedance.

Whereas this may be seen by some as being an efficiency standard, there are also consequences when it comes to the speaker’s ability to produce volume as well as its lifespan.

With a lower impedance level, the louder your speaker can get with the same amount of energy if the impedance were higher assuming there are two different speakers with similar levels of sensitivity and RMS.

Is it really necessary to have an amplifier?

Truth be told, getting an amplifier will definitely make things sound better. On the other hand, your budget is something that you really need to take into consideration before you decide to get an amplifier. Other than this, how powerful your current speakers are will also determine whether or not it is necessary to get an amplifier.

Getting an amplifier, however, does not give you the guarantee that you’ll be getting a better sound. As a matter of fact, if your current speaker system is not that powerful and sensitive, chances are that getting an amp may not give you that much an advantage over using the pre-installed factory amp.

Pay attention to the build quality.

As far as getting the best is concerned, it all comes down to the details which bring us to the build quality. As compared to the aftermarket speakers, the factory installed speakers ill, in most cases come with an inferior build quality. This, however, does not mean that you will always get the best quality when going for the alternatives to your factory speakers.

Other than just being able to deliver an outstanding bass and good sound quality in general, the upgrades to your stock should also last longer. Some of the materials you should look out for include:

The surround

The surround is simply what determines how flexible the speaker is going to be. Normally, the best surround you could get on your speaker is made of rubber. Having rubber on the surround obviously allows for optimal flexibility provided you observe the power handling capabilities of the speaker.

Other than this, having a rubber surround means that it will be able to stand up to extreme temperatures without giving in to damage.

Even though foam or cloth surround may deliver a good sound quality, they aren’t as good as the rubber surround. On the other hand, don’t go for the paper foam whatsoever- this doesn’t last long.

In regard to the type of bass you desire, you need to know how good the speaker is in delivering the surround sound. If the cone is not good enough to control the flexible movement of the cone, then you’d better forego it.

The ring around the cone just needs to be strong enough to allow proper cone movement and in addition to this, the surround should give the cone utmost stability as well.

The cone material construction.

When it comes to the cone, you should go for something that’s stiff yet lightweight at the same time such as poly. So as to get an even much better sound quality, you could try out polypropylene that is mixed with metal-coated synthetic fabric or mica so that you get both an outstanding bass and a long lasting speaker.

How much should you spend on your bass speakers?

Everything comes down to the price when purchasing your car speakers just as is the case in buying any audio components for your car.

Do you want the best of the best? Then you should definitely be ready to spend. At the same time, however, pay attention to details. This way, you’ll get something that lasts long and has an outstanding sound quality at the same time.

Component speakers do come at a slightly higher price as compared to the coaxial ones.

The fit.

I know it sounds somewhat ridiculous to pay attention to the fit of the speakers in your vehicle. Even though a speaker may be compatible with most cars and have a perfect fit, it does not necessarily mean that the same goes for your vehicle which is why you should take into account the mounting depth.

The overall value of your vehicle.

You may invest a fortune in the audio system in your car but nonetheless, this does not mean that the overall value of your vehicle is guaranteed to increase. This is so because the engine’s lifespan and performance is not boosted in any way. You should not, therefore, factor out the overall value of your car and make any financial decisions when it comes to prioritizing the sound system over something else.

Additional features.

Before you make a decision on the type of speakers you want and the amount of money you’ll be spending on them, it is important to consider whether or not you’ll be needing extra features such as detachable tweeters that are compatible with both the coaxial and component speaker systems. Pivoting tweeters can also back up your bass speakers as far as focusing the sound is concerned.

Final Verdict

Coming to the end of our review of the best car speakers for bass, one thing that we can agree upon is that the best is entirely a personal choice. Narrowing down your options to what you want is entirely a personal choice hence you should always pay attention to even the tiniest details.

Once you have narrowed down your options, you should then move on to looking at the price and what other previous buyers have to say about the speakers. This should be enough to give you utmost knowledge of what you should expect after having installed the speakers.

All in all, all the best in getting what you want- you do deserve the best.


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