Best kicker subwoofers- only choose from the top 10 of 2019

As far as car audio is concerned, getting the best bass can make a huge difference in your audio system. As a matter of fact, I’d say that you owe it to your car to give it the best. Kicker subwoofers have come up quite well over the past few years.

With incremental improvements they have made on both the design quality as well as the performance over the years make them one of the best. due to this, I find it necessary to list down 10 of the best kicker subwoofers.

I have to say, no matter how good performing a subwoofer is, it surely will have a flaw in it- nothings perfect, we all know that. I’d like to think that it’s a matter of whether or not the good qualities outweigh the bad qualities.

That being said, how about we cut to the chase and move on to today’s main agenda right away? Here’s a complete in-depth review of 10 of the best kicker subwoofers.

3 of our best kicker subwoofers


Rather than reading all through, why not take a quick look at 3 of our best picks?

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Key Features

Kicker 12" 800 Watt CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Sub Woofer Car Power Subwoofer

Kicker 12" 800 Watt

  • 400Watts RMS
  • 800Watts Max
  • Ribbed Santoprene Surround
2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6x9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6x9 360 Watt 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

  • Peak: 360 watts
  • RMS: 70 watts
  • Speaker Size: 6x9
Kicker DSC650 DS Series 6.5" 4-Ohm Coaxial Speakers

Kicker DSC650 DS Series 6.5" 4-Ohm Coaxial Speakers​

  • 4.6 pounds
  • Very Quality Audio

The 10 Best Kicker Subwoofers

Now we describe top 10 subwoofers of kicker brand. Under bellow you can get the full review of top 10 products of kicker. 

1.Kicker CVR124 12" Dual 4 ohmCompVR Series Car Subwoofer

Starting off our list, we’ve got the kicker CVR124. For the much that it packs under the hood, I’d say that this is equally as good a speaker for a first-time upgrade and for any audiophile as well. Being the CVR series, the Kicker CVR124 is engineered with the best quality construction as compared to other subs in its class.

The quality construction is then backed up with it’s top of the line performance.

The sensitivity:

This is basically one of the major features that sets apart the best from the worst. In a nutshell, the higher the sensitivity rating is, the better off you are when it comes to achieving high volumes without damaging the coil.

For the Kicker CVR124, you’ll be getting 86.9 decibels. This, I believe is high enough for you to achieve high volumes taking into consideration the power handling capabilities of the sub.

I have to say, however, that the sensitivity is one of the weak-points on the Kicker CVR124. This si so because it’s slightly below the 88dB sensitivity which is considered the best; so I’d say that the sensitivity on this sub is somewhat average.

Frequency response.

For this, I normally recommend that you always pay attention to the lower end of the scale. With the 25-500Hz that comes with the CVR124, you’ll be able to enjoy that window-rattling bass most people only dream about. The low 25Hz will basically take care of the lowest bass frequencies and the 500Hz will boost the low-mid notes which is basically what you get from a male voice or a guitar

Power handling.

This is probably what you should look into first when purchasing your subwoofer. You, first of all don’t want to buy a sub with too high a power rating that won’t be utilized by your current audio set up. Also, you don’t want to go for something that’s too low which makes it impossible for you to enjoy the bass.

The RMS and peak power output on the CVR124 is 400W and 800W respectively. Take it from an expert’s point of view, this is more than enough to get you going on the bass quality.

Dual 4 Ohm.

Something else that sets this sub apart is the Dual 4-ohm voice coil. This allows you to connect it in different set ups to allow it to channel as much power as possible for the best bass quality.

2. Kicker 10C124 Comp 12-Inch Subwoofer 4 SVC (Black)

Yet another one from kicker, we’ve got the Kicker 10C124. Don’t let the 12-inch measurement lie to you, this sub has more to offer than you can imagine.

Let’s see what it packs under the hood, shall we?

Quality construction.

For a subwoofer to qualify as the best, the outside needs to be just as good as it’s inside. This is why the Kicker 10C124 has been designed with utmost precision from the basket to the voice coil on the inside.

Speaking of the basket, you’ll be getting a strong steel basket and on it, there’s a coil-cooling perimeter venting. This allows for optimal, if not maximum heat dissipation to ensure that the voice coil within it does not overheat no matter how high the power supplied to the sub is. In the long run, you get the subwoofer up and running for quite a long time.

For the coil wire, you’ll be getting a high-temp coil and the pole piece on it is vented. This simply increases the temperature threshold it would take before the coil gets damaged

The surround…

Besides the steel basket with a coil cooling perimeter, the Kicker 10C124 has got a ribbed surround. This is able to deliver maximum flexibility of the cone even at high excursion. Bu allowing the cone to move optimally, the bass quality is not compromised at all.

A super rigid, injection molded cone.

One of the determining facts of how good a bass will be is how good the cone is. Most preferably, it needs to be rigid and lightweight simultaneously which is what you’ll be getting from the Kicker 10C124. The same is backed up by a 360-degree back bracing hence keeping the bass smooth and loud all-day long.

The frequency response.

For this, you’ll be getting 27-500 Hz. This allows for the punchy and window-rattling bass without compromising the mids all the same.

Peak power & RMS.

Being 2 of the most important things, the peak and RMS re 300 watts and 50-150 watts respectively. Coupled up with the 88dB sensitivity, the power supply on this woofer will be enough to give you a clear and loud bass.


For durability there’s a double Spiralead tinsel leads- a tough yellow double stitching on the surround that keeps the sub from falling apart. This gives it a long-lasting performance.

3. Kicker 10 CVT10 2-Ohm 10" CompVT Subwoofer - 10CVT102

Kicker 10 CVT10 2-Ohm 10 CompVT SubwooferKicker 10 CVT10 2-Ohm 10 CompVT Subwoofer

Yet another outstanding subwoofer from kicker is the Kicker 10 CVT10. Being a 10-inch subwoofer, it surely does have more to it than meets the eye. Here’s what you’ll be getting from the CVT10.

The subwoofer dimensions and weight.

Though it is something most of us happen to overlook, the physical appearance of a subwoofer is quite important. Starting with the mounting depth, which is also one of the most striking features about the CVT10, it’s only 4 ¼ inches and the mounting cutout is 9 3/16 inches

As said earlier, the mounting depth is probably the best thing about this subwoofer. It will easy to have it in place at tight fits such as the door panel which would not be the case when using most of the other subwoofers in the market. If you are seeking out the perfect aftermarket subwoofer then I think this would do the trick.

The subwoofer basically measures 12.2 x 12.2 x 6.5 inches which should not take up a lot of space. As for the weight, it’s only 10 pounds heavy.

Top of the line construction.

The cone

You really need a better bass? You should definitely consider paying attention to the cone. For the CVT10, you’ll be getting a stiff, injection-molded and modified-spoke cone. This is shaped to give the speaker maximum excursion from the slender basket that it’s got. This way, the sub gets the maximum possible flexibility for a better strength and durability without compromising the sound quality

The voice coil

It’s important that your subwoofer be supplied with an ideal amount of power in order to deliver a good bass. In order for this to be possible, the rule of thumb is that you only go for the best voice coil. The four-layer voice coil gives the CVT10 the capability to work with even large amounts of power being supplied to it without being damaged.

Strong steel basket.

Other than just protecting the subwoofer from damage, the steel basket has got a coil-cooling perimeter venting which aids in heat dissipation in the event of a high-power supply.

Power handling

The RMS and the peak power are two of the most important things. The peak and RMS are 800 watts and 400 watts respectively. As much as the sub is able to handle a high-power rating, I highly recommend that you observe the RMS to prevent the coil from being damaged.

Something else that’s worth pointing out

There is also a tough and double stitched surround which offers utmost flexibility. The subwoofer also does have special spring loaded binding posts for minimizing the depth impedance which in our case is an outstanding 4 ohms.

4. Kicker 43C104 Comp 10" 300 Watt SVC 4-ohm Car Audio Subwoofer

Kicker 43C104 Comp 10inc 300 Watt SVC 4-ohm Car Audio Subwoofer Woofer Sub C104Kicker 43C104 Comp 10inc 300 Watt SVC 4-ohm Car Audio Subwoofer Woofer Sub C104

Meant for anyone who’s on a budget but wants to get a better pump on their bass, this 10” subwoofer has so much to offer you- from the construction to the power handling, everything has been done with utmost precision.

Let’s commence with the power handling threshold, shall we

The peak and RMS

Being two of the most important things, the peakis 300 watts whereas the RMS is 150 watts. Normally, as far as car speakers and subwoofers are concerned, the rule of thumb is that the peak is double the RMS which is the case for the 43C104.

As much as the peak threshold is quite high, it’s always important to play your music within the RMS range, if otherwise, the coil may easily be damaged. Speaking of the coil, how about we take a look at at it next?

High-temp voice coil.

The better the heat dissipation on the voice coil is, the better off you are since it’s power handling threshold is high. In our case, the high-temp voice coil makes it possible for the subwoofer to take in an optimal amount of power without the coil being damaged.

Injection-molded polypropylene cone.

the cone is what allows the cone to move which in turn sets the surround into motion. Despite there being quite a lot of materials that can be used for the cone, it is always important that it be as rigid and lightweight as possible.

An outstanding cone should not sacrifice rigidity for weight and vice versa which is why polypropylene was used for this subwoofer. Being both lightweight and rigid, it’s sensitivity is nor compromised and you get a louder and clearer bass in the long run.

Ribbed foam surround

From the cone, let’s move on to the foam surround. In order to deliver an ideal bass, the surround needs to observe two things- flexibility and surface area; basically, the more of these two, the better off you are.

Around the Kicker 43C104 is a ribbed foam surround. The fact that it’s ribbed gives it a larger surface area and owing to the fact that it’s made of foam, the flexibility is also outstanding.

I have to say, however that though foam is not the best as far as flexibility is concerned, it has the advantage of being more durable. In a nutshell, foam allows for optimal flexibility and will also maintain it’s original form for quite some time.

5. Kicker 12" 800 Watt CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Sub Woofer

Kicker 12inc  800 Watt CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Sub Woofer Car Power Subwoofer | 43CVR124Kicker 12inc  800 Watt CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Sub Woofer Car Power Subwoofer | 43CVR124

Already halfway on our list and we’re doing goof so far. Coming up 5th on our list is another one from the Comp series of kicker subwoofers. These bad boys are renowned for giving you the biggest bargain for your buck.

The subwoofers in the Comp series come in a variety of sizes in order to accommodate different vehicles. For the one mentioned above, you’ll be getting a 12-inch configuration. What however is the most striking feature about this subwoofer is not it’s size, but rather the amount of power it packs.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the subwoofer, shall we?

Then cone

As stated earlier on in this review, it’s important that the cone be as good as possible. It’s all about having the best sensitivity in relation to the subwoofer’s cone which is why it’s best that it be as rigid and lightweight as possible. One of the best materials that makes this possible is polypropylene which is what you’ll be getting on this subwoofer.

Power handling.

For the RMS, the range is between 50 and 400 watts. As long as you observe this, be sure to keep your subwoofer up and running for the longest time possible.

By being able to achieve a 400-watt RMS with 200 watts per coil, it also happens to be better than most, even those at a higher price range than it is. As a matter of fact, you’ll rarely have to achieve the peak to enjoy a loud and clear bass.

The peak on the other hand is 800 watts, clearlysomething you’ll hardly get from other subwoofers in its class.

The sensitivity

With a high-power rating, it’s important that the sensitivity be high enough. For this subwoofer, you’ll be getting 86.9dB. I have to say, this is slightly below the 88-dB that’s recommended for a good performing subwoofer but nonetheless, it’s bound to offer an average performance.

6. Kicker 43C124 12" 300W 4-Ohm COMP Series Car Audio Sub Subwoofer

Kicker 43C124 12 inc 300W 4-Ohm COMP Series Car Audio Sub Subwoofer C12Kicker 43C124 12 inc 300W 4-Ohm COMP Series Car Audio Sub Subwoofer C12

Every subwoofer on this list is yet another reason as to why you should always give priority to the kicker subwoofers. Coming up 6th is one of the best subwoofers you’ll get from kicker and also in the whole car subwoofer market.

Let’s have a closer look at it, shall we?

The Comp series is renowned for giving the users possibly the biggest kick for their buck due to the qualities they possess and simultaneously going for an affordable price. Starting with the power handling, the peak and RMS are 300 watts and 150 watts respectively.

If you’re all about getting a loud and clear bass, then the RMS ought to take care of this. As much as power handling is critical when it comes to subwoofer selection, I have to say that it’s not the only thing you have to look into, which brings us to the next point- the impedance.

4-ohm impedance.

As already mentioned above, the impedance greatly contributes to the bass quality you get from your subwoofer.

The lower the impedance, the better of you are ad in this case, considering you’ll be getting 4 ohms, the amount of power your subwoofer will be utilizing will be more. This in turn makes it possible for you to enjoy a better bass.

The frequency response.

This is basically what determines the bass quality you’ll be getting. Whereas most people pay attention to the lower end of the range, which in our case is 27 hertz, it is also important that you see the maximum possible frequency the sub can operate at.

By being able to output a maximum of 500 hertz, it will be possible for you to enjoy both the mid-frequency bass as well as the low frequency bass. This, at the end of the day creates a better sound stage.

The sensitivity.

How the sensitivity works is quite simple- any subwoofer or speaker that has got anything as much as 88dB is rendered as the best. In our case, you get an outstanding 88.3 decibels for the sensitivity. This allows the subwoofers to play at a high volume without compromising the quality of the bass.

Verdict: Summing up, the Kicker 43C124 is definitely worth every dime as you can tell from it’s specs; but like any other audio component, proper maintenance is all it takes to keep it up and running for as long as possible.

7. Kicker 40CWR122 CompR Series 12 inch Subwoofer 2 Ohm

Kicker subwoofers put to shame most of the other brands in most cases. The Kicker CompR series, on the other hand, are just on a whole new level.

Let’s have a closer look at the Kicker 40CWR122…

2-ohm impedance.

As per the title, it’s clear that the impedance rating on this sub is worth going for. As a matter of fact, it’s what makes the subwoofer stand out from the rest if not the best.

The lower the impedance the greater the amount of power it’s able to utilize which means that the bass will be deeper and clearer if not window-rattling. Speaking of power handling, let’s move on to our next point and see how good the 40CWR122 really is, shall we?

800-watt RMS and 1600 watts for the peak

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day. Truth be told, this subwoofer surely outdoes every other subwoofer in its class.

By having an 800-watt continuous power threshold, imagine what the subwoofer could if it got to surpass this and get to the peak. So as to ascertain you get to enjoy as much of this as possible, the 2-ohm impedance rating will be able to get as much power as possible to the subwoofer.

Product dimensions

Our 12-inch subwoofer measures 13.5 x 13.2 x 7 inches. You should pay attention to this before you decide on spending you cash on this subwoofer- it’s always good to know the level of complexity it may take to have the subwoofer in place.

Tip: you should measure both the inner and outer dimensions of where you intend to place the subwoofer which in most cases should be in the doors.

As for the weight, it comes at 11 pounds- quite heavy, right? Well, provided you have it in place, you’ll not have to worry about the weight at all.

8. Kicker 12 Inch CompC300 Watt RMS 4 Ohm Single Voice Coil Subwoofer

Kicker 12 Inch CompC 300 Watt RMS 4 Ohm Single Voice Coil Subwoofer | 44CWCS124Kicker 12 Inch CompC 300 Watt RMS 4 Ohm Single Voice Coil Subwoofer | 44CWCS124

I’d recommend the kicker CompC series for anyone who’s looking for a subwoofer with durable construction and an outstanding performance all the same. If you’re all about this, then this might just be the perfect subwoofer for you.

The construction design and build quality.

The surround:

Even though it may not seem so, the surround highly contributes to how good a bass is. As a matter of fact, the best rated kicker subwoofers- with this one being one of them of course-don’t compromises on the surround build quality.

Around the cone is a ribbed polyurethane surround. The fact that it is ribbed increases it’s surface area for better distribution of sound waves and being made of polyurethane, it’s both flexible and durable

Injection-molded polypropylene cone.

Take it from an expert’s point of view- this alone is enough to give you a kick for your buck when you purchase this subwoofer.

Recommended due to it’s light weight nature and high rigidity rigidity, polypropylene just so happens to be one of the best cone materials you can get on a subwoofer. The high level of sensitivity it’s got makes it easier for the voice coil to move it accordingly.

Perimeter venting.

Yet another mind-blowing feature on this subwoofer is the perimeter venting. So as to ensure there is optimal heat dissipation, the subwoofer has got a perimeter venting that allows free flow of air around the motor structure. This way, your subwoofer gets to deliver a high-quality bass all the time.

A high temperature voice coil.

One of the most important things as far as subwoofer quality is concerned is a high-quality voice coil. Provided heat dissipation is optimal, then you undoubtedly have got nothing to worry about.

With the high temperature voice coil, this subwoofer will be able to work at a high-power rating without damaging the coil.

Power rating and impedance.

The RMS and peak voltages are 300 watts and 600 watts respectively. Definitely more than you need to get a loud and clear bass.

As for the impedance rating, the sub is incorporated with a 4-ohm voice coil which channels the maximum possible amount of power to ensure the bass is top-notch

27Hz-500Hz frequency response

The 27Hz will definitely be able to take care of the low frequency bass and as for the maximum 500Hz, this subwoofer will greatly cater for the mid-frequencies.

9. Kicker CVR104 (43CVR104) CompVR 10-Inch (25cm) Subwoofer

Kicker CVR104 (43CVR104) CompVR 10-InchKicker CVR104 (43CVR104) CompVR 10-Inch

Yet another outstanding subwoofer from kicker is the Kicker CVR104. If you’re all about getting the biggest kick for your buck, I’d highly recommend this subwoofer. The design is just as good as the performance and even so, it’s quite affordable as compared to other subwoofers with similar specs.

Here’s what you’ll be getting from it…

An injection-molded polypropylene cone.

We’ve already established that the cone, among other things, greatly contributes to the sound quality you get. The more sensitive it is, the better off you are. Sensitivity in this case simply means that the cone has to be both rigid and lightweight.

This allows it to be set into motion accordingly by the voice coil within it without compromising on the sound quality. By incorporating polypropylene in the Kicker CVR104, the low and mid-bass frequencies are just the best.

Dual 4-ohm voice coil.

The impedance of the voice coil determines how much power the subwoofer gets to convert to sound energy. The rule of thumb normally is the lower the impedance rating, the greater the amount of power that’s converted to sound by the coil.

Whereas 4 ohms and below is considered as being the best, the presence of the dual voice coil on the CVR104 just makes it one of the best kicker subwoofers. Depending on how you set it up, you can be able to channel even more power than a 4-ohm coil allows you to.

The peak and RMS ratings

Yet another thing that sets the line between the best and the substandard subwoofers is the power rating.

For the RMS, the CVR104allows you to get the bass going anywhere between 50 and 400 watts- it’s quite a sub, don’t you agree? As a matter of fact, you’ll hardly need to set the volume high enough to surpass this or get anywhere close to the 800-watt peak voltage.

The RMS is 200 watts per voice coil. With the 4-ohm coil, you’ll be able to get as much power as possible for a loud, clear and booming bass.

The sensitivity.

Everything’s got a weak point. No matter how good a subwoofer is, there’s always that one thing that drags it back and for this one, I’d like to think it’s the sensitivity.

As much as 83.6dB is not annoyingly low, and will hardly lower the bass quality, getting a higher sensitivity would be better. On the bright side, this is compensated for by the RMS and the dual voice coil; so yes, it’s still worth every penny.

10. Kicker 700 Watt 10 Inch CompVR 2 Ohm Subwoofer Car Bass Power Sub

Kicker CompVR 43CVR102 10inc Dual 2-ohm Component SubwooferKicker CompVR 43CVR102 10 inc Dual 2-ohm Component Subwoofer

Coming to an end of our best kicker subwoofers review, we’ve got the Kicker 43CVR102yet again from the CompVR series.

Here’s what it packs under the hood…

A 2-ohm dual voice coil. 

This is possibly the most striking thing about the 43CVR102. As far as getting the most out of your subwoofer is concerned, this surely does play a huge part in giving you the best bass.

With an impedance as low as 2-ohms, the subwoofer gets to channel as much power as possible which is then converted to sound.

The fact that it’s a dual voice coil makes it possible to wire up the subwoofer in different ways as per your preference.

The power handling.

Besides the voice coil, it’s important that the power rating be optimal in relation to the coil. For the 43CVR102, you get to have an outstanding 400-watt RMS and a peak that’s double this- an outstanding 800-watts.

With such a power rating, you simply have the pleasure of being one of the few people with a window-rattling bass.

A ribbed Santoprene surround and a SoloKon cone

For utmost flexibility, the surround is made out of santoprene which makes it possible for the cone to move it with utmost ease. As a matter of fact, santoprene is far much better to use for the surround as compared to most other materials.

Final Verdict.

It’s now time to come to an end of our review of the best kicker subwoofers. One thing that always holds is paying attention to detail.

We’ve narrowed down your options to 10 of the best subwoofers from the best brand as far as car audio is concerned. From the review above, there’s everything for everyone and more so, each subwoofer is affordable and doesn’t compromise on the sound quality.

With everything you need to give your car the bass it deserves, all you’ve got to do now is simply choose whichever suits you best and you’re good to go.


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