BOSS Audio BRS69 120 Watt Car Speaker review

All things considered, the music system of your car does deserve to be at its very best and more so, for the longest time possible. As compared to getting a component speaker a full range speaker is much better if you want less work in replacing your factory speakers which is why today we'll be looking at the BOSS Audio BRS69.

Even though it may sound somewhat unlikely, this speaker is bound to offer you more than you think. From the design quality of the performance, it'll definitely blow your mind.

The music taste is an entirely personal opinion hence your best does not necessarily have to be someone else's best. As much as this is true, the BOSS Audio BRS69 is definitely one of the few that will be best suited for almost any music genre. Let's take a look at what it's got in store for us, shall we?

Moving on to today's main agenda, let's delve into looking at why you should make this your audio driver...

The construction.

Even though most of us may be thinking that the sound is all that matters, the fact of the matter as far as car speakers are concerned is that they'll be no good if they aren't durable. 

A durable polypropylene cone.

Whether you have a pair of headphones on or have a booming woofer, the cone is one of the components whose significance should not be overlooked whatsoever. As much as you may go for cheaper alternatives to polypropylene, they won’t be as good since poly is not only rigid but is also light at the same time. With this, you get to have utmost clarity of sound and more so it is just as durable.

So as to ensure that the sound is delivered in the best way possible, there is a 1-inch aluminum voice coil beneath the polypropylene cone.

Foam Surround.

Moving on from the cone, there is a foam surround all around it. Well, truth be told, the foam surround is not the best you could get and as compared to rubber which is used in most cases. None the less, here's why you should go for this speaker:

1.First off, the foam surround is much more flexible as compared to rubber which means that sound delivery will be much better with foam. In general, the efficiency of your woofer will be more as well.

2.Secondly, the foam surround is cheaper as compared to rubber which means that you'll be paying less for this speaker than you would for a similar one with the only difference being the rubber surround on the latter.

Another added benefit is that with foam, you won't have to worry about the rings of the surround of your speaker sagging. When the rubber sags, it makes the voice coil rub against the magnet which can distort the overall sound quality to a great degree.

Another added advantage of using the foam surrounds is that they don't harden as compared to rubber. The hardening of rubber may result in it cracking in which case you'll have to replace it which can be quite a hassle.

The frequency response

The frequency response is simply the normal range of human hearing or rather the frequency of which we as humans can make out the sound. Normally, the range is between 20 Hertz which are the very low bass tones and 20,000 hertz which is the highest possible treble.

If you're lucky to get such a speaker or anything that is close to this, then your musical experience will undoubtedly be life-like.

For the BOSS Audio BRS69, the frequency response is between 50 and 20,000 Hertz which is definitely enough to have both the bass and trebles clearly produced and distinguished from each other

Power handling.

Anyone who knows the tiniest bit about car speaker systems knows that power handling is one thing that should not be ignored. Let’s see what the BOSS Audio BRS69 brings to the table, shall we?

Starting with the RMS, you get as much as 60 watts. This is the maximum amount of power that should be supplied to the speaker without damaging it. If you happen to exceed this, then you’ll have to deal with distorted sound or sound lags.

As for the peak, this is as much as 120 watts (double the RMS as is the case in most coaxial speaker systems). The peak is the maximum amount of power beyond the RMS that the speakers are allowed to reach for a few seconds then recede back to observing the RMS level.

If your speakers were to play for even a few minutes on the peak, then you probably would have to budget for new ones.

The sensitivity levels.

Other than the RMS and the peak, the sensitivity is another thing that determines whether or not a speaker will be good enough for you. Think of the sensitivity as what dictates how good the volume of the speaker will turn out to be.

The higher the sensitivity, the better the performance of the speaker and the lower the amount of power it uses. In this case, you get an outstanding 84 decibels on the sensitivity. When it comes to sound production, this will perform quite well with the 60 watt RMS rating.

Stamped basket

On a car speaker, you can either have a stamped or a cast speaker. The former is normally more expensive to come up with. It is normally aluminum molded into the desired shape of the basked.

For the stamped basket, which is what you’ll be getting on the BOSS Audio BRS69, steel is shaped manually into the basket’s shape. As compared to the cast basket, you get to save some extra cash when purchasing the speaker and in the case of the BOSS Audio BRS69, it may just be as strong and durable as compared to its cast basket counterpart


When it comes to impedance, it can be quite confusing as to what you should go for and what you shouldn’t. simply put, impedance does not work in the same way as sensitivity when it comes to power. With a lower impedance on your speaker, it means that more power will easily flow via the speaker.

In the case of the BOSS Audio BRS69, you'll be more than lucky using it since it can handle 4 ohms which are not something you'll get every day on your speaker. Working hand in hand with the sensitivity, you'll undoubtedly have the best sound experience.

Setting things up

Even though a speaker may meet your exact needs when it comes to delivering the sound, it would be quite disappointing if it were cumbersome to have in place perfectly. Worse enough, they won’t be any good if they wouldn’t fit in place at all.

Let’s have a look at its measurements, shall we?

Being the average size for the coaxial car speakers, they are the 6x9 inches as already pointed out in the description. The BOSS Audio BRS69 package will come in a pair each of which measures 8.9 x 3.5 x 11.8 inches. You should closely pay attention to this.

Besides the dimensions, each of the speakers weighs 4.2lbs which should be more or less than your factory installed the speaker.

Speaker installation can be quite a hassle especially if you are doing it for the first time and even much more annoying if you’re having component speakers installed. If you’re looking for a first speaker upgrade, then this one is definitely it since it may just perfectly fit in place of the factory speakers.

As for the mounting screws, these are quite large. You could use the 8-32 or for an even better fit, the 10-32 could be used. If you choose to use washers, smaller size screws such as 6-32 or the 4-40 will definitely give you a perfect fit


  • Polypropylene cone for utmost durability and acute sound production.
  • Foam surround- both flexible and durable.
  • 60 watts RMS and 120-watt peak power.
  • 84 dB sensitivity means there’ll be less power usage and better sound production.


  • Pay attention to the dimension before buying them to ensure they’ll fit in your car.

Frequently asked questions

Q: what is the ohm rating on the speakers?

A: 4 ohms

Q: can I get grille covers for the speaker?

A: yes, you can get these at Advanced Auto Parts

Q: do I have to use a plastic mounting ring?

A: only if the speaker doesn’t outfit the ring

Final Verdict

Wrapping up our review of the BOSS Audio BRS69, all that can be said about this speaker is that it’s definitely a worthy upgrade or replacement to your current speaker system.

Starting from the fit and ease of installation to the power handling and sound quality, you have more than enough reasons to go for it over any other speaker.

As mentioned earlier, your music taste is entirely a personal opinion which is why you should take your time to look into every detail of this speaker regarding its performance before getting it.

All in all, from an expert’s point of view, this speaker will definitely be worthy of every dime you spend on it- you deserve the best.


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