JL Audio C2-650X- Give Your Car The Ultimate Upgrade

User-friendly = 70/100

Performance = 80/100

Durability = 80/100

With quality and durable material construction, top of the line power handling, impedance, and sensitivity as well as easy installation procedure, the JL Audio C2-650X is guaranteed to take your vehicle’s audio system to a whole new level.

As far as brands go, JL audio happens to be one of the best in the market. Being so, it should be expected that the performance should live up to the brand’s reputation, right?

6-1/2-inch coaxial speakers are normally what most people have in their vehicles and whereas a quick search on the internet will bring you hundreds of results, not all of these are the best. By putting a lot of time and resources in looking for the best, we’ve arrived at the best from JL Audio- the JL Audio C2-650X.

Coming in one of the best build qualities and designs, this speaker might just be the missing piece of the puzzle in getting the best audio experience from your vehicle. We’ll be taking a look at an in-depth review of this speaker and by the time we’re done, you’ll know both the merits and demerits of having this speaker in your vehicle.

Enough with the introductions already; let’s get started with our review right away, shall we?

JL Audio C2-650X- here’s everything you need to know

Unlike what most people think, there’s a lot you need to take into account when shopping for a car speaker from the build quality to the performance. In addition to this, a good enough speaker should be able to work exactly how you’d love it to. Well, here’s why you should go for the JL Audio C2-650X.

The First Impressions

Right out of the box, you’ll be getting these speakers in a pair of these speakers. Included in the package is also a user manual that should guide you in how to go about in installing the speakers. Besides just the speakers, JL Audio has also included some screws as well as option speaker grilles all of which we’ll take a look at later on.

Each of the speakers is black in color and will definitely add on to the aesthetics of your vehicle and maintain an outstanding performance. Being a 2-way coaxial speaker, you’ll have the tweeters in the middle of each and the woofer will be all around the tweeters.

You will also be getting JL Audio badge which you can attach on to the grille to add on to the aesthetics of the speaker in your car

Power Handling

Starting with the most basic of speaker performance and probably what everyone looks into first when shopping for a car speaker, I’ve got to say that this one holds up quite well.

Just like in any other speaker, you basically have to pay attention to the peak and the RMS to take into account. The RMS power is the continuous power range that the speakers will observe. With the RMS, music playback will be clear and considering the 15-60-watt RMS range you’ll be getting from each of these speakers, the sound will be punchy as well.

Whereas the RMS is what the speaker can run on continuously without damaging the voice coil or giving you any sound lags or distortions, the peak power voltage, on the other hand, is past the 60 watts.

The maximum you can get on the peak is 100 watts and the speaker can only be able to handle this for a few seconds before falling back to the RMS range.

Though it might be quite tempting to keep up the peak power for a loud bass, I strongly advise against it. If you have to handle anything above the RMS, you should consider getting an amplifier and most preferably a 4-channel amp. This should be capable enough of powering up your speaker without blowing them up.

The peak and RMS are not all that determines whether or not a speaker is good enough to have installed in your vehicle. Let’s have a look at how the impedance of theJL Audio C2-650X holds up.

It’s got a 4-ohm impedance

The impedance is measured in ohms and basically goes hand in hand with the power handling capabilities of the speaker.

The impedance basically determines the amount of power that your speaker is going to take in from either your head unit or your amplifier if you have one installed. The rule of thumb regarding the impedance is that the lower it is, the greater the amount of power the speaker is going to take in.

With the nominal impedance being 4 ohms on the JL Audio C2-650X, it will basically be able to utilize a substantial amount of power that you supply to it. As compared to an 8-ohm speaker, a 4-ohm speaker will take in about twice as much power and as far as speakers are concerned, a 4-ohm impedance is considered the best.

System Efficiency

When we talk about a speaker’s efficiency, the next thing that should come to mind is the sensitivity of the speaker.

Most people tend to get mixed up when it comes to the relation between the sensitivity, power handling, and the impedance rating. Well, let’s clear this all out and also get to know how the JL Audio C2-650X holds up.

The sensitivity is 91dB. Considering the lowest possible sensitivity that’s guaranteed to give an above average performance is 88dB, the 91dB rating will not disappoint you.

The sensitivity basically determines how the volume will be on your speakers. With a higher sensitivity rating, the speakers are able to hold up quite well since even at a high volume, the sound will be clear- no distortions or lags whatsoever.

At the same time, even while handling your music at high volume, the speaker will utilize less power as compared to what one with a lower sensitivity rating will be able to utilize.

Easy Installation

We know that coaxial speakers have got both the tweeter and the woofer being handled by the same driver, right? This basically means that the high and the low frequencies will be coming from the same place.

The advantage of coaxial speakers and the reason most people choose to go for these is the ease of the installation. Unlike component speakers, you won’t have to install the tweeter and the woofer separately. As a matter of fact, if you’re lucky enough, you may simply install the speaker in place of your stock installed speakers.

Out of the box, you’ll be getting a set of screws as well as optional speaker grilles. Alongside these is also a user manual which will make it easy to get everything in place.

You may either set up your speakers in the doors or alternatively have them on your dash. If you’re doing it for the first time, it may be a little difficult and it may be necessary to seek professional assistance.

With the speaker grilles, you can cover up the speakers to keep them protected from any imminent damage that they may be exposed to. This way, you’ll have the speakers maintain their original build quality for the longest time.

Speaking of build quality, let’s take a closer look at how good the construction materials really are, shall we?

The Build Quality and Design.

Besides the power rating, impedance and the efficiency, the build quality and material construction also do play a huge role in determining how good a speaker is. Let’s start off by taking a look at the cone construction.

An injection molded mica-filled polypropylene cone.

For the production of a clear, loud and deep bass, you’ll definitely want the cone to have the best build quality.

The cone basically needs to be hard and rigid in order to make this possible which is why poly is the recommended material to have for the cone. With an injection molded mica-filled polypropylene cone, it will be more rigid as compared to just using poly alone. The bass, on the other hand, will not let you down.

Besides its top of the line performance, the cone’s construction is also designed to last which is definitely a plus for you.

Butyl rubber surround material for the best bass dissipation.

Whereas the cone might be sensitive enough for the production of an outstanding bass, the surround should also match up to the cone’s quality. Upon doing so, the speaker’s performance will simply be unmatched.

With the surround being butyl rubber, the flexibility will be outstanding and since it’s got a large surface area, it will dissipate the low frequencies effectively.

Other than just being flexible, another added advantage of having a butyl surround is one of the most durable in the market. Since it’s made of rubber, it will stand up quite well to extreme temperatures as well as moisture. This renders the JL Audio C2-650X a good enough speaker to have in your car regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

A silk-dome tweeter- the best high-frequency output.

Besides the surround and the cone that take care of the lower frequencies, you’ll need to pay close attention to the tweeter as well.

With the JL Audio C2-650X, you’ll be having ¾” silk dome tweeters. The tweeters are coaxially mounted in the middle of the speaker and they’ve got a silk dome diaphragm. This results in the tweeters delivering a smooth, extended response as well as on and off axis.

Another added advantage of getting these speakersis that the tweeters are small in size which minimizes their protrusion hence allowing each of the speakers to fit perfectly in most factory grilles.

Speaker dimensions and weight

As for the measurements, each speaker measures 14 x 8.2 x 5.2 inches. Though they’ll fit most vehicles, you should go ahead and take the measurements on your vehicle just to be safe. They’re also pretty heavy since each weighs 4.8 pounds. You also may or may not need a mounting adapter to have them in your installation location.

The System’s Frequency Response

Since this speaker will be handling both the high and the low frequencies, it’s important that it is able to take care of either effectively.

The frequency range is basically the Hertz range that the speakers can be able to put out and this has to be within the range of human hearing (between 25Hz and 20kHz). For a coaxial speaker, the lower range of the frequency is normally not as low as what you’ll get on component speakers but it should be low enough to give out a decent bass.

On the JL Audio C2-650X, you’ll play your music between 59 Hz and 22kHz. Though the 59Hz is not that low, it should be low enough to get an outstanding mid-bass as well as decent low frequencies. The higher range of the frequency response is 22kHz.


We’re almost done with our review of the JL Audio C2-650X. From all we’ve seen about it regarding the performance, it’s definitely worth every penny.

The build quality is not only compatible with most cars but it’s also sturdy, easy to fit and from what we’ve seen, it is built to last

Final verdict- our final take on the JL Audio C2-650X.

I believe that by now you know whether or not this is good enough a speaker to have in your car. Whether you need a replacement for your stock installed unit or simply need a quick upgrade, it’s just the right one for you.

The installation is quite simple if you know what you’re doing and at the same time, it does not compromise the performance. With the quality construction, you’ll be getting on the different components, the sound quality will not disappoint you.

Finally, regarding the fit of the JL Audio C2-650X, you should be keen on the dimensions; you ought to be certain that it’s going to fit in place before making your purchase. Don’t spend your cash in vain- you deserve the best.


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